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Those questions for Republicans were not about change?

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Check out Wikipedia to see that there are 50% more Democrats than Republicans nationwide however ironically the Republicans are made up of people more likely to vote.

First of all you did not answer the questions in the post above. I will help you…


Don’t these questions and their general topics show the change we have seen lately in that the change we have seen has been the complete failure to actually HELP the 98% of us that need help. And yes it is an option for all politicians to fail at positive change in America however the current administration has handed us these failing changes in spades as it looks like they planned this all along since their friends and family are personally reaping the benefits from the current economy. It is not a question of whether someone will fail or not because if that were the question then none of us would vote as we have been taken advantage of by the politicians selling out to big business. The question is hope that there will be change…so your comment shows you have no hope…meaning you will not vote? Ye of little faith!

I will have hope for both of us…

What do these questions have to do with change? Bruce…can you not see the issue of change for each question?  The change issue for the previous questions are as follows

1- This is basically asking if you believe science or the Biblical interpretation of the history of the Earth. This is a huge shift of the mindset of America which could be paralleling our lagging in science. What if everyone was home schooled and told the Earth was 6000 years old and man walked with dinosaurs and Noah didn’t have room for dinosaurs on the ark so they died off…which is what homes cooled kids are told. Where would that leave the USA in our science/technology based world? Science or Bible? That’s a change we need to make for our future because the number of people who believe the Earth is 6000 years old is WAY TOO MANY! We need everyone pulling for America and they are not helping in our science/tech based world.

3- Social Security is a huge issue in that several Republicans including Ron Paul have stated that they want to get rid of Social Security. This at a time when pay is dropping and benefits and retirements are being rescinded. Does Social Security have a place in your America? Should the elderly of America go back to their life prior to Social Security? How is your retirement plan going Bruce? This could be a massive change in many ways. It is easy to solve…allow the zillionaires to pay Social Security taxes on ALL of their pay as opposed to just the first $97,000 dollars and in a decade we will expand Social Security beyond a decade which could possibly perpetuate it indefinitely. But we have to protect the billionaires…CHANGE that mindset or not?

4- Health Care- Americans spend more than any other nation per capita for health care and we have the lowest average age of death plus infant mortality is rising precipitously as are many other problems due to a lack of affordable health care. We are the only industrialized nation in which this is happening. This is a massive topic of change…some want the private sector to continue to have the 30% overhead and some want to use the 2% overhead as the Congressional health care system has. 28% of the total Health Care outlay for America paying the administrators could provide insurance for…possibly 28% more people….and you are willing to be robbed of that 28% that could lower the taxes which pay for Health Care to the poor by 28%? If Washington does nothing to move the nation in this direction of one payer Socialized medicine then we will continue to be the ONLY industrialized nation and one of the few non industrialized nations in which people go bankrupt paying for health care. But fear not the costs are going up so quickly that corporations will push DC to do it as they cannot afford it…it will happen one way or the other. There could possibly be no bigger topic of change than Health Care. So more of the same with premiums rising 50% in a few years with private firms taking 30% as administrative fees or a change and saving you money?

5- National debt- We are at the mercy of China holding $1.5 trillion of our debt, Saudi Arabia holding almost $1 trillion of our debt. IS this good and how did the national debt nearly double with a Republican Legislature and Republican President and Republican Supreme Court and how does it affect our security? This also encompasses the idea in question 8. A big part of this is the Socialistic redistribution of money from the poor to the rich with the massive tax cuts the rich have seen. You don’t believe in Socialistic redistribution of money do you? That’s what we have seen …so supporters of this tax cut plan are sort of SOCIALISTS!!! UH OH! The Bush tax cuts benefited 58 African American Families in 2006. 58. Should that change?

6- Poverty is way up and the amount of assets held by the top 2% has gone through the roof. Average paychecks have dropped over the past few years considering inflation however income for corporations has gone up 143%. This issue leads to the economy being weaker, health care being an issue because people do not go to the doctor when they should but rather when they are about to die because they cannot afford it and many more issues. President Bush said no one is denied health care all they have to do is go to the Emergency Room. Is this a good plan for the nation or is there a new vision of Change that should be applied to poverty so we don’t rise another 5 million into the ranks of poverty or more over the next few years? And the numbers don’t include the numbers hovering just above poverty which have increased as well in a dramatic fashion. Do you just go to the Emergency Room when you need to see a doctor?

7- A positive savings rate indicates how peoples paychecks are actually supporting them at home. A negative savings rate is living on credit cards…which in history this is the first time Americans have done this. This is the attitude towards unions and tax structure as that results in take home pay. So specifically should billionaires be given a $1 paycheck and the balance of their pay be taxed at 17% due to their income being due to the stock options they receive or should they be taxed like you are Bruce and the rest of us at 35% on a W2? Warren Buffett lamented his secretary was taxed at a lower rate than he. A FLAT tax is just dumb as it DEMANDS 100% spending of all of your income otherwise you are a tax cheat. A person making $1 million a year can live the same lifestyle as someone earning $30,000 for 3 years…the $30,000 person has nothing in savings while the millionaire has $2,910,000 in the bank just by living and going to work. Who are you closer to Bruce the $30,000 person or the millionaire?

9- Oil conservation as stated by Ari Fleischer during one of the first press conferences he held in the White House with the Press Corps was a direction this Bush Administration was definitely not going to take because oil consumption was the American way of life. So how is this plan treating you America? How about a CHANGE..a Manhattan Project or a Moon Launch plan to move America to less than 50% foreign oil in a decade and half of that in another decade? I haven’t heard much in going to alternative fuels or conservation other than when Bush blindsided the nation with his “addicted to oil” State of the Union Speech which resulted in Dick Cheney being summoned to Saudi Arabia for a spanking THE NEXT DAY. I know a hybrid carried a modest tax break but wouldn’t this be one of the easiest ways to force conservation without hurting the American transportation lifestyle as opposed to sending our dollars to the terrorists (personal friends of the Bush family) who were 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11? Buy a hybrid and you completely write it off on your taxes…period. But that would need….CHANGE.

Change. All about change. The only constant is change. We are at a moment in time in which we need change because without it America is doomed and it could be too late already. Who are you voting for in order to turn this nation around so the iceberg that is dead ahead does not…you know….iceberg.

I will keep in touch…

Joe in San Mateo

Questions for Republicans

Saturday, January 26th, 2008


A few questions for you

1- Generally how old is the Earth? 6,000 years or 4.5 Billion years?

2- According to 98% of scientists is the Earth’s temperature going up?

3- Do you believe Social Security is a good thing for America? Ron Paul and several Republicans stated in the debate for the week of 1/20 that they wanted to end Social Security with this generation of young people being the last to receive Social Security.

4- Do you believe the increase of uninsured from 38 million to just under 50 million and the average family premium going from $6200 in 2001 to $12,000 today supports the Bush Health Care plan?

US Census Bureau

5- Do you believe the increase of national debt from $5.7 Trillion in 2001 to $9.2 Trillion currently is a good example of protecting our national economic and military security?

Department of Treasury

6- Do you believe the increase in Americans living in poverty from 31.6 million in 2001 to 36.5 million today supports President Bush’s economic plan for Americans?

US Census Bureau

7- Do you believe the savings rate for Americans going from +2.5% to -0.5 percent is a good indicator that Americans are doing well economically?

Bureau of Economic Analysis

8- Do you believe that the Euro going from an exchange rate of $1.06 in 2001 to an exchange rate of $0.68 today shows that the present economic course is attractive for foreign or even domestic investment? The Currency Website

9- Do you believe the increase in foreign oil consumption from 52.7% of our oil needs in 2001 to 60.2% today is an indicator of an energy plan that is working for America?

Energy Information Administration

8 years of Bush

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

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