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Right-Wing Lunacy: The Shameless Lies Conservative Media Tell Their Audience

Monday, January 30th, 2012

One benefit of the prolonged campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has been the revelation that most of the 20 or 30 percent of Americans who describe themselves as conservatives live in a fantasy world. In their imaginations, Barack Obama, a centrist Democrat with roots in Eisenhower Republicanism rather than Rooseveltian liberalism, is a radical figure trying to take America down the path of “European socialism.” The signature healthcare reform of Obama and the Democratic Congress, modeled on Mitt Romney’s insurance-friendly Massachusetts healthcare program and closely resembling a proposal by the right-wing Heritage Foundation, is described as “statist,” “socialist” or “fascist” (as though Hitler came to power with the goal of providing subsidies to private health insurance companies).

How can otherwise sane people believe such lunacy? The answer is that members of the right-wing counterculture are brainwashed — that is the only appropriate term — by the apocalyptic propaganda ground out constantly by the conservative media establishment. A perfect example is a recent essay by Philip Klein, a senior editorial writer of the Washington Examiner, the right-wing newspaper owned by the billionaire Philip Anshutz: “The Welfare State Is Destroying America.”

Klein begins, typically, with the fall from grace of America under the sinister Franklin Roosevelt, who presided over the establishment of Social Security: “But Roosevelt was dead wrong that the program would help the nation avoid deep debt. Social Security and the entitlement programs that followed its legacy of seeking to protect citizens from the ‘hazards and vicissitudes of life,’ turned out to be fiscal disasters.”

In the real world, of course, today’s national debt has nothing to do with Social Security, whose trust fund has a surplus that will last for decades, with the precise date of the trust fund’s exhaustion depending on the rate of general economic growth. True, the federal government has to raise the tax revenue to repay the money it borrowed from the trust fund — but then, the federal government has to repay all of its creditors, domestic and foreign. What’s wrong with that?

As if to concede that there is no Social Security crisis in the near future, Klein engages in three intellectually dishonest maneuvers typical of right-wing propagandists. First, he talks about medium-term and long-term problems as though they were present-day emergencies. Second, he blurs the distinction between Social Security’s long-term fiscal challenges, which are minor, and those caused by rising healthcare costs, in order to make Social Security seem worse off than it is in reality. Third, he implies that “the growing debt burden” of the United States is primarily caused by Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, ignoring tax cuts, wars and the effects of a near-depression:


With health care costs rising and the population aging, America’s welfare-state obligations are bringing the country to its financial knees. If left unchecked, the growing debt burden will not only trigger runaway inflation and stifling taxes, but it will also threaten national security.

 By now readers of the Washington Examiner must assume that Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson deliberately designed Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to be paid for by federal borrowing. Why shouldn’t Klein’s audience leap to that false conclusion? After all, Klein has not mentioned the funding streams that pay for these programs: payroll taxes (Social Security), payroll taxes and general revenues (Medicare) and general revenues (Medicaid).

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“They’re all stupid” – Fox News host wants GOP debates to stop

Monday, January 30th, 2012

When Republicans start pissing off Fox News hosts, they should probably start paying attention to what they are doing.

Chris Wallace from Fox News said on Saturday that ”It is insane that there have been nineteen debates!” He also added that ”They’re all stupid,” and that people aren’t tuning in to learn about the issues but rather “It’s like you’re tuning in to a car race, you really want to see if there’s a wreck.”

With that being said, there are even more debates scheduled to take place.

Enough is enough, especially when Fox News (the conservative mouthpiece) is telling you to stop. They would be wise to listen. After all, at this point if the voters don’t know where you stand on the issues, chances are they never will, and you are just doing more harm to your cause than good.

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Bill Maher: Republicans Run Against Fictitious Candidates (VIDEO)

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Friday night (1/27), during the “New Rules” segment of the HBO weekly hit show, Real Time, Bill Maher made yet another astute, hysterical observation that you were already aware of, but love to hear acknowledged with such sarcastic good humor: Political conservatives and the Republican candidates don’t criticize and run against real people, they create fictitious characters using the names of progressive thinkers and Democratic politicians.

The best example of that is of course, the current occupant of the White House. Ask the typical, grass-roots Republican to offer some commentary on Barack Obama and more than likely he or she will repeat some of the condescending characterizations made everyday by their party’s leadership and the conservative media: Obama is a closet Muslim, he wants to raise taxes, he’s a socialist, he has increased the American debt more than all his predecessors combined, he’s soft on terrorism, he doesn’t really want Americans to go back to work, just go on relief, etc.

Another classic example of the “tar and feathering” approach to conservative profiling is the repeated references to community organizer and writer, Saul Alinsky, who died in 1972. Years ago already, the always delusional Glen Beck suggested that Obama was a dangerous disciple of Alinsky. Most recently, Newt Gingrich has picked up on the myth and repeated with no new evidence to back up the claim or any explanation why the world should fear the ideas and teachings of Alinsky who promoted grass-roots community development.

If Lucifer is paying attention to how Republican and Koch-Brothers propagandists portray their political adversaries, he must be wondering if the Democratic Party isn’t just a well-organized front for his Earthly collaborators.

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Selling the ‘Supply-Side’ Myth. Proving the greatest achievement of Reagan…the moving of capital from the Middle Class to the Upper Class does not result in a solid base for an economy

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Now, however, with three decades of experience with the experiment, the fallacies of “supply-side” economics are no longer a mystery. For instance, a major obstacle to today’s economic recovery has been the absence of “demand-side” consumers, not the availability of money to build more productive capacity.

And the reason that there are fewer consumers is that the Great American Middle Class, which the federal government helped build and nourish from the New Deal through the GI Bill to investments in infrastructure and technology in the Sixties and Seventies, has been savaged over the past three decades.

Though many Americans were able to cover up for their declining economic prospects with excessive borrowing for a while, the Wall Street crash of 2008 exposed the hollowing out of the middle class. So today, businesses are sitting on vast sums of cash – some estimates put the amount at about $2 trillion.

And the reasons for this dilemma are now well-known: first, when companies have expanded in recent years, the modern factories have relied on robotics with few humans required; second, the companies put many manufacturing sites offshore so they can exploit cheap labor; and third, the shrinking middle class has meant fewer customers, leaving corporations little motivation to build more factories.

For Americans, this has represented a downward spiral with no end in sight. American workers, whether blue- or white-collar, know that computers and other technological advancements have made many of their old jobs obsolete. And modern communications have allowed even expert service jobs, like computer tech advice, to go to places like India.

While painful to millions of Americans who find their talents treated as surplus, these developments do not by themselves have to be negative. After all, humans have dreamed for centuries about technology freeing them from the grind of tedious work and freeing up society to invest in a higher quality of life, for today’s citizens and for posterity.

The problem is that the only practical way for a democratic society to achieve that goal is to have a vibrant government using the tax structure to divert a significant amount of the super-profits from the rich into the public coffers for investments in everything from infrastructure to education to arts and sciences, including research and development for future generations, even possibly Gingrich’s “big idea” of a colony on the moon.

In fact, that kind of virtuous cycle was the experience of the United States from the 1930s through the 1970s, with the federal government taxing the top tranches of wealth at up to 90 percent and using those funds to build major electrification projects like the Hoover Dam and the Tennessee Valley Authority, to educate World War II veterans through the GI Bill, to connect the nation through the Interstate Highway system, to launch the Space Program, and to create today’s Internet.

Out of those efforts emerged robust economic growth as private corporations took advantage of the nation’s modern infrastructure and the technological advancements. Millions of good-paying jobs were created for the world’s best-trained work force, giving rise to the Great American Middle Class. The obvious answer was to keep this up, with the government investing in new productive areas, like renewable energy.

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47% 53% 99% 1% Paying taxes and not paying taxes the numbers in chart form and explanation

Friday, January 27th, 2012

This charts shows the stats.  Chart is located here

Let’s discuss some numbers:

How many people have zero or negative tax liabilities? 2012: Tax Units with Zero or Negative Tax Liability under Current Law As can be seen from this info, approximately 46.5% of US tax units will have ?$0 in income tax liability in 2012. This number is about 18% for 2012 when considering payroll taxes as well as income taxes.

Who has zero or negative tax liabilities? As seen here, approximately 78.5% of these tax units had yearly cash income of ?$30,000, 61.9% were ?$20,000. 1.5% had cash income of at least $75K!

These raw numbers are informative…most of the ?$0 tax liability group earned somewhere around the poverty line (depending on family size). Some further breakdowns can be found in this pdf.

When you look at the info in these links, some important things become apparent that are steamrolled by the nuance-free “53%” talking point:

• Tax units with ?$0 tax liability are considerably smaller when payroll taxes are included.
• Unsurprisingly, the number of tax units with ?$0 tax liability jumped substantially when the economy tanked
• Most units with ?$0 income tax liability had income levels around the poverty line, therefore many are probably reasonably assumed to be members of the “working poor”. Additionally, two of the largest sources of negative tax liability are the bipartisan Earned Income Credit and the Child Tax Credit. The EIC is designed specifically for the working poor (with phase-in, plateau, phase-out structure; see here).
• About 26% of the ?$0 income tax liability units qualify as elderly, which provides a tax credit. 55.9% of all elderly tax filers had ?$0 income tax liability.
• For all units above $100K cash income, approximately 2% also had ?$0 tax income liability in 2012!

Finally, consider that these raw numbers lack some important contextual information. How many individual ?$0 income tax liability units have been in this category for multiple years versus transiently? I don’t know and I couldn’t find any information on that. It seems likely to me that some substantial proportion of ?$0 income tax liability units include the hard-luck set–laid-off & un(der)employed workers that will eventually get back on their feet when local and national economic situations improve.

The implicit assumption the the “47%” with ?$0 income tax liability are free loaders asking for or demanding something they have not earned is very likely sweeping a lot of Reasonably Unobjectionable Americans into the same pile is the quasi-mythical Welfare Queen set.

Anti-Socialists are always the ones that want the most Socialism!

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Some new statistics have come out recently, one detailing regional IQ scores and another detailing which states receive more federal money than they give. When paired, the results seem to be compelling: Alabama needs a lot of help.

What Mike the Mad Biologist concludes with in tongue firmly in cheek, provides us some very interesting testing results in regards to regional IQ scores:

Alabama ranks 7th among states who take in more federal money than they pay in Federal Taxes. Their educational system leaves their students lacking when compared to other states, such as Massachusetts, who paid more in Federal Taxes than they took in. Alabama clearly needs to be subsidized! It appears that they are not able to adequately govern themselves. Perhaps we should install an Emergency Financial Manager like they’ve done for several cities in Michigan. Republicans thought that was a great idea since it took away the ability for those cities to have elected officials. They should LOVE that idea for a whole state!

Still, their IQ scores may be an indication as to why they denounce Socialized Democracy as evil. Or their IQ scores may indicate the reason for their denial of sciences and reliance upon religious beliefs, such as creationism. Perhaps it is the indoctrination of religious beliefs into the school setting which has left Alabama behind.

But in any event, it is both interesting and ironic that Alabama, who decries about the evils of socialism, is reliant upon a Socialistic Democracy to maintain itself and whose educational system is failing their students while touting the word of God as scientific evidence over evolution. Do the inequities in their IQ promote their policies, or do their policies promote the inequities in their IQ?

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GOP Presidential Candidates Tell Florida Uninsured Woman: You’re On Your Own

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Basically an unemployed woman asked the 4 remaining contestants in the Republican Presidential race what they would do for her as she was sick and unemployed.  They agreed tax deductions would be about the only thing they could do for her.  HOWEVER that does not get her care now.  Nor does it take into account that she is unemployed so she pays no taxes.  They also agreed that a Health Savings Account would be good for her to start…but again…she is not making money so how can she save?  When it comes down to it they told her to go to Hell and get sick there.

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Ron Paul and Libertarian Idiocy

Friday, January 27th, 2012

It’s really frightening how many Americans are willing to listen to a guy like Ron Paul. The congressman is clearly one of two things – he’s either a typical demagogue, or an unthinking ideologue. He specializes in combining fact with fiction by pointing out everything that’s wrong with all of the policies that are contrary to his agenda, then claims that his irresponsible solutions are a cure for all of the nation’s problems – solutions drawn from an outlandish philosophy, which, on its face, is a corruption of the U.S. Constitution, and would constitute an exercise in national destruction. Paul is quoted as saying the following:

“The most basic principle to being a free American is the notion that we as individuals are responsible for our own lives and decisions. We do not have the right to rob our neighbors to make up for our mistakes, neither does our neighbor have any right to tell us how to live, so long as we aren’t infringing on their rights. Freedom to make bad decisions is inherent in the freedom to make good ones. If we are only free to make good decisions, we are not really free.”

Paul’s entire premise is flawed. Total personal freedom was clearly not the intent of the founding fathers. They had the good sense to recognized that a society, or a civilization, as it were, is defined as a “GROUP of people who have joined together to pursue a common interest or goal,” and they clearly set out their intent in the preamble of the United States Constitution, which reads as follows:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare [not just make Ron Paul happy] and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Thus, if Ron Paul doesn’t like the rules we’ve set up to “promote the general welfare,” he has the freedom to move to the wilderness and not live among us. But according Ron Paul’s philosophy, he thinks he should have the right to pee against the wall in the middle of Times Square during rush hour, and the government should be precluded from stopping him. Because you see, according to Paul’s philosophy, and his flawed reading of the United States Constitution, that should be his inalienable right, since he’s not hurting anyone else.

So in essence, Paul wants to have his cake and eat it to. He wants to take advantage of the benefits of living in an ordered society, while not having to adhere to the rules that make it a society. For example, he contends that the civil rights laws that prevent him from refusing to serve certain groups in his restaurant abridges his right to private ownership. But on the other hand, he has absolutely no problem with the fact that the group that he bans is forced to pay taxes that support “his right to private ownership.” If his business catches on fire, he’s going to expect the banned group’s tax supported fire department to come put it out. And if he’s robbed, he’s going to expect the group’s tax supported police department to come to his aid. But the fact is, he can’t have it both ways. If he’s not willing to adhere to society’s rules, he can’t expect to take advantage of the benefits of living in an ordered society.

Paul also wants to abolish the Department of Education, which is essential to maintaining a “more perfect union.” His philosophy also dictates that we should simply “trust” corporations not to grind up rats in our ground beef, or pollute our air and water. He says, “Just let the free market handle it.”

Well, that sounds like a plan, but we saw how the free market handled the Wall Street fiasco, didn’t we? The free market created it, and we paid for it – dearly. The only thing free about the free market is the freedom of ruthless and greedy capitalists to take advantage of a naive and unsuspecting public – and then they tell us we’er un-American if we complain about it.

Thus, Ron Paul’s philosophy represents the rantings of a selfish, unthinking, greedy, and totally irresponsible lunatic. Therefore, if he wants total personal freedom, it’s well within his grasp. He can vote with his feet and move to the wilderness. Then he can pee against any tree in the forest at will – but he shouldn’t expect us to come to his aid if a snake decides to latch on to his pecker. That’s the price of total freedom.

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Ron Paul signed off on racist newsletters in the 1990s, associates say

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Ron Paul, well known as a physician, congressman and libertarian, has also been a businessman who pursued a marketing strategy that included publishing provocative, racially charged newsletters to make money and spread his ideas, according to three people with direct knowledge of Paul’s businesses.

The Republican presidential candidate has denied writing inflammatory passages in the pamphlets from the 1990s and said recently that he did not read them at the time or for years afterward. Numerous colleagues said he does not hold racist views.

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This whole issue of light bulbs was done under….guess who…that’s right BUSH! Not Obama.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

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On Fox News’ Fox and Friends today Stuart Varney called Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn a hero for trying to get rid of the “ban on incandescent light bulbs.” There are two problems with this statement. The light bulbs aren’t banned, and the phase out was actually a Republican idea that was signed into law by George W. Bush in 2007. Here is the video of Varney from Media Matters: While promoting his own show Varney said, “We have Ambassador John Bolton on the Egypt situation. We’ve got Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn who is trying to get rid of that ban on incandescent light bulbs. She’s our hero.” In those few seconds, Fox News managed to push the false talking point that incandescent light bulbs are banned, and also portrayed a Republican as a hero for trying to get rid of the “ban.” However, incandescent light bulbs are not banned. The use of the term band creates a false image of big government making the light bulbs illegal to own. The truth is that Energy independence and Security Act of 2007 increased the efficiency standards for light bulbs by 30% from 2012-2014. The new energy standards begin with 100 watt bulbs in 2012, and end with 45 watt bulbs in 2014. There is also a list of exempt bulb types that includes appliance lamps, rough service bulbs, 3-way, colored lamps, and plant lights. In 2020 a second set efficiency raising standards will take effect.

 It is not going to be illegal to own incandescent bulbs. No one is going to come to your house and take them away, or put you in jail for owning them. There is no ban. America is simply moving to a more efficient light bulb. You will still be able incandescent bulbs for uses that are exempt from the new standards. Here’s the real kicker. The Energy Independence and National Security Act was signed into law, not by the “nanny state loving socialist Obama,” but by Republican free market champion George W. Bush. When President Bush signed the bill into law on December 19, 2007, he praised the energy efficiency standards, “The bill also includes revisions to improve energy efficiency in lighting and appliances. It adopts elements of the executive order I signed requiring federal agencies to lead by example in efficiency and renewable energy use.” This bill came into being as the legislative response to George W. Bush’s Twenty in Ten challenge during his 2007 State of the Union. In the address, Bush called on the United States to improve fuel economy, and increase alternative fuels. His goal was to cut gasoline consumption by 20% in 10 years. All of the current right wing outrage over light bulbs is due to a proposal by their own Republican president. It was their idea. Instead of trying to pass this plan off as Democratic big government, they need to look in the mirror. If they don’t like the new bulbs, they should be blaming themselves, not Obama or the Democrats. It is typical that Fox News would try to frame Republicans as fighting the heroic fight against big government, without telling their viewers that they themselves created the big government that they are now so outraged about, so the next time you come across a right winger who is moaning about the light bulb ban, let them know that could have all the incandescent bulbs that they wanted if they would not have voted for Republican George W. Bush, the energy efficient light bulb president.

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If you believe in monotheism you have to believe what Christopher Hitchens says in this video

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

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Which is basically that your God allowed the dying off of countless civilizations…the murder of countless more entire civilizations prior to around 2000 years ago when he suddenly started to care.  THEN he allowed the same thing to happen all in his name.

Today’s Bad Guy- Cooper Tires

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

This is happening more and more and more…

Four years ago, Cooper Tire told its workers they’d have to sacrifice to save the company. With a straight face, Cooper executives said it was essential for the corporation’s survival that workers take tens of millions in pay and benefit cuts.

The workers understood the link between their livelihoods long term and Cooper’s success. Dedicated and loyal, they accepted the cutbacks. Soon afterward, city and state officials granted Cooper millions in subsidies.

Management didn’t share in the workers’ and taxpayers’ pain, though. The top dogs rewarded themselves with millions in pay increases and a shiny new corporate jet.

Cooper punk’d the workers and taxpayers.

This isn’t an aberration. It’s a pattern. Corporate executives, the 1 percenters, slash workers’ wages, then give themselves big bonuses. CEOs tell mayors and governors their businesses are in such dire shape that they may close or move offshore. Government officials dutifully shovel truckloads of taxpayer cash into CEO hands, then the CEOs grant themselves more perks. The television show Punk’d, in which actor Aston Kutcher humiliates famous people, took a five-year hiatus. The 1 percenters gave workers and taxpayers no such break. Punking the 99 percent for profit has only escalated.

At Cooper, 1,050 members of the United Steelworkers union in Findlay, Ohio agreed in 2008 to give the company $30 million in concessions when executives cried destitute at the negotiation table. The next year, after witnessing the same sad song and dance, Ohio officials began transferring $2.5 million from taxpayer pockets to corporate coffers.

Between 2008 and 2011, though, Cooper awarded its executives two pay hikes and double bonuses. The year after Cooper told workers they had to suffer for the company, Cooper CEO Roy Armes got a 50 percent pay increase. The next year, in the middle of the recession, his bump was 19 percent, giving him a package worth $4.7 million in 2010.

Cooper 1 percenters also bought themselves a corporate jet and, for $17 million, a Serbian tire company. Since January of 2009, Cooper posted $360 million in income before taxes.

The workers who took the cutbacks and taxpayers who subsidized the company got punk’d.

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Bills Republicans Have Blocked

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

To say you are FOR things is strong. However equally strong is what you are AGAINST. These are just a few things that Republicans voted AGAINST.

Tax on Companies that ship jobs overseas– A bill that would have eliminated a tax break that companies get when they ship jobs overseas. Republicans blocked this, allowing companies to keep the tax break they receive when they ship jobs to other countries.

Political Ad disclosure bill– Would have required all donors to political campaigns to reveal themselves. Republicans blocked this, not once but twice.

Subpoena Power for the Committee investigating the BP Oil Spill – Give subpoena power to the independent committee responsible for investigating BP’s roll in the oil spill. Republicans attempted to block this.

The Small Business Jobs Act -would give LOCAL, community banks access to billions of dollars to loan to small businesses. Republicans blocked this, then attempted to block it a second time and failed.

The DREAM Act– Gives immigrant youth who were brought here as children a path to citizenship by earning a college degree or serving the military for 2 years. Republicans blocked this.

Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”– Would have repealed the law that forces gay and lesbian services members to lie about their sexuality and gives the military the right to discharge soldiers based on their sexuality. Republicans blocked this many times and Democrats were finally able to pass it with the support of just 2 Republicans.

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Who Is Saul Alinsky And Why Does Newt Gingrich Fear Him?

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Democracy-power to the people….ALL people.To push for Democracy is to be seen as a radical? Expect Newt and Mitt to talk about Saul Alinsky ad nauseam.Organizing the poor is ALWAYS called RADICAL or Revolutionary. However the idea of poor being paid a little more for a better life is the “American Dream” you and I live every day. It is seen as radical to those opposed to that concept…Newt and Mitt and their ilk.

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Bernie Sanders Takes Down Every Single GOP Presidential Candidate

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

One of the problems that I see in the Republican primaries is that these guys are so out of touch with the reality that the American people are going through that it is really quite amazing. We are seeing a middle class collapsing. We are seeing poverty increasing. We’re seeing a nation in which the rich are getting richer and we have the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major country. 

Do they have one word to say about this issue?

We have 50 million people without any health insurance. We are the only country, major country on earth that does not guarantee healthcare to every man, woman, and child as a right. Do you know what their solution is? Cut Medicare cut Medicaid. You got Social Security, the most successful government program in the history of our country. A program which has not resulted in one penny of deficit for this country, and you know what they want to do? They want to cut Medicaid. They want to cut Social Security. They want to privatize these important programs.

These guys are way, way out of touch from where the American people are, and I think when you look at them issue by issue, tax breaks for the rich, cut Social Security, more money on defense spending, they are literally a fringe element in American society.

Last but not least, you’ve got virtually every scientist in this world who studies the issue who tells us global warming is a huge, huge problem. We’ve got to move in a very aggressive way to break our dependence on fossil fuel, move to sustainable energy, energy efficiency. These guys don’t even acknowledge the reality of global warming.

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Carville to GOP: You have a disaster on your hands

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Memo to Republican Establishment:

I would send this memo to each of you individually, but I’m not sure exactly who you are. I’ve been told that you exist and that people like my colleagues Bill Bennett, Karl Rove, and Bill Kristol are charter members of it.

I am assuming you are out there and I assume there are more than three of you. At any rate, I thought I’d take a moment to catch up with you and make some observations on how things are going for your party.

Let me break it to you gently — you’ve got a first-class disaster on your hands. I know you boys thought this thing would work out and you would be able to whip the Republicans in line to fall in behind Mitt (I assume you are all males but if there is a female in the establishment, I apologize.) Not going too good, is it fellows?

At any rate, let’s talk a minute about Mitt. He was your guy — he was methodical, meticulous, married once. He has completely blown himself up over an issue that everyone knew was coming. Have you had a chance to look at John McCain’s research operation on Mitt? Wow. And let me assure you, that thing has been supplemented, expanded, and annotated. God only knows about the Obama people — they’ve got a billion dollars! And how about my friends over at American Bridge (the Democrat-leaning political action committee)? Clearly Mitt is merely in the beginning of this tax-return, financial-disclosure, Cayman Island (and God only knows what else) fiasco.

Your new front-runner is one of your old front runners, Newt Gingrich. I would like to take a moment to revel: I cannot personally tell you how pleased I am to see old Newt rise to the top after listening to all of your nauseating, sickening lectures on the evils of government and the importance of family values.

Now, you guys have to deal with a $1.6 million Freddie Mac consultant (who says he wasn’t a lobbyist) who has been married three times. Hope you, at least, enjoy the Super Bowl. It could be your last hurrah for a while.

PS — As my former boss once said, I feel your pain. That’s why I didn’t mention Rick Perry.

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Prolife? That’s a lie. They don’t care if women…actually ALL of us…die

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Prolife is a lie.  They are not prolife.  They are anti-life. 

They are against Food Stamps helping poor people eat. 

They are against Welfare helping poor people live.

They are against the EPA bringing us clean food, water and air.

They are against health care for everyone.

They are against Unions helping working people make decent wages.

They are against Public Schools giving a free education lifting people to better lives.

They are against so many more things that help people live.

They specifically vote for the lawmakers who carry out the above.

Prolife? That’s a lie! They don’t care if women…and all of us…die!

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In Indonesia you have freedom of religion not freedom FROM religion…which is not freedom

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Atheism is a violation of Indonesian law under the founding principles of the country. Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, recognises the right to practice six religions in total: Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhism and Confucianism. Atheism is, however, illegal. According to Indonesian criminal law, anyone who tries to stop others believing in a faith could face up to five years in jail for blasphemy.

Aan was charged because he used Facebook to spread beliefs that violate the law. Furthermore, it was pointed out he lied on his job application by saying he was Muslim. Aan asked police investigators: if God really exists and has absolute power, why didn’t God prevent bad things from happening in this world?

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Epicurus on God and Evil. Athiesm

Friday, January 20th, 2012

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?”
– Epicurus


Ten Signs the Tea Party Is dead:

Friday, January 20th, 2012

When the Tea Party-fueled GOP took over the House by storm in January of 2010 there was high talk of huge change. Exactly a year later, there are signs that the underlying political force behind the House flipping in 2010, the Tea Party, is all but dead.

Need evidence the Tea Party is all but dead? The polls and the vote counts keep rolling in. In politics, winning and votes are what measure influence and power. When applied today, those measuring sticks reveal a weak if not dead political movement that hit its height during the summer of 2009. Today the loud “in your face” town halls are gone. More importantly: So are the candidates.

Ten Signs the Tea Party Is dead:

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ObamaCareS is working for millions of people even Teaparty people and Ron Paul supporters. You are welcome!

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Like many Americans, Gail Freyer needs health insurance to help her manage her diabetes. For years, she has struggled to find an insurance plan that would accept her with her pre-existing condition – and with a premium she could afford. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Gail was able to enroll in the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan in Arizona. Now, Gail knows she’ll be able to access the care she needs to manage her diabetes and stay healthy.

This story could have ended very differently if Republicans in the House had their way. One year ago today, on January 19, 2011, the House of Representatives voted to repeal the health reform law, and take us back to the days when insurance companies had the power to decide what care residents of the United States could receive – allowing them to once again deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, cancel coverage when people get sick, and place lifetime or low annual dollar limits on the amount of care people can get, even if they need it. What’s more, without the law, insurance companies could overcharge for insurance just to boost their profits. And if House Republicans had gotten their way:

• 2.5 million young adults wouldn’t have health insurance.

• 2.65 million seniors would have paid $1.5 billion more for prescription drugs

• 24.2 million seniors would pay for preventive services they are getting for free.

Thankfully, the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land and it’s helping Gail and millions like her. Check out the short report we’ve done about some of the Americans who are being helped by the law and what would have happened if the law has been repealed here.

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Abortion before Roe vs Wade. The way it was. Women regularly died from botched abortions and then one day they stopped dying.

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Ironically, it was the medical profession, which had made abortion illegal in the first place, that started to speak out. Doctors treating the desperately sick women who landed in hospitals with raging peritonitis, hemorrhages, perforated uteruses, and septic shock often had to futilely watch them die, because the women had waited too long to get help — because they were confused and terrified, because what they had done was “illegal” and “immoral.”

One doctor’s “awakening” is vividly described in The Worst of Times, a collection of interviews with women, cops, coroners, and practitioners from the illegal abortion era. In 1948, when this doctor was an intern in a Pittsburgh hospital, a woman was admitted with severe pelvic sepsis after a bad abortion. She was beautiful, married to someone important and wealthy, and already in renal failure. Over the next couple of days, despite heroic efforts to save her, a cascade of systemic catastrophes due to the overwhelming infection culminated with the small blood vessels bursting under her skin, bruises breaking out everywhere as if some invisible fist were punching her over and over, and she died. Being well-to-do didn’t always save you.

Her death was so horrible that it made him, he recalls, physically ill. He describes his anger, but says he didn’t quite know with whom to be angry. It took him another 20 years to understand that it was not the abortionist who killed her — it was the legal system, the lawmakers who had forced her away from the medical community, who “…killed her just as surely as if they had held the catheter or the coat hanger or whatever. I’m still angry. It was all so unnecessary.”

In the same book, a man who assisted in autopsies in a big urban hospital, starting in the mid-1950s, describes the many deaths from botched abortions that he saw. “The deaths stopped overnight in 1973.” He never saw another in the 18 years before he retired. “That,” he says, “ought to tell people something about keeping abortion legal.”

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Uncertainty in the market is just a canard. Uncertainty is not why things are slow it is slow sales…meaning Trickle Down Economics is not trickling down and is failing these businesses

Friday, January 20th, 2012
Earlier we reported on the latest Philly Fed manufacturing survey, which showed that business still sees improvement, though perhaps not quite at the pace that analysts had expected.

In the survey, they asked some special supplemental questions to businesses, asking them why they were either hiring or not hiring.

The survey response is pretty clear: What matters to businesses when hiring is sales, sales, sales, and more sales. Uncertainty/policy/taxes/regulation is down the list on why they’re either hiring or not.

Now this is the same thing we learned (basically) in a similar survey held by the Empire Fed, but the link between sales and hiring is so crucial, and so misunderstood that we can’t emphasize it enough, and have no intention to stop pointing it out.

Therefore- Trickle Down Economics is failing businesses…it is making rich people LESS RICH. Businesses need CUSTOMERS which means average people are JOB CREATORS so the entire Teabagger economic policy is 1000000% WRONG. According to the FED.

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 All business owners know that if there is no market for their business…they cannot create the business and expect it to grow. Wal Mart does huge surveys of areas in which they will build and yes Wal Mart has said NO to building in some cities…because…they don’t have their customer base or DEMAND. They sure could build a Wal Mart but they want a high return…they need high sales. SALES. Average people buying their stuff…DEMAND. If there is no DEMAND you can have all the SUPPLY in the world in a bright shiny huge Wal Mart…but your business will fail. Average people are the job creators…meaning if you put money in average people’s hands at the bottom of the economic pyramid the rest of the economic pyramid grows organically. Without that the ecnomic cycle is boom/bust as money and demand is created artificially as opposed to organically.

Newt Gingrich responds to charge from his ex wife #2 that he asked for an open marriage

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Too funny!

Republican Family Values.  Sanctity of Marriage.  Married twice…wife #1 divorced as she had cancer…wife #2 divorced as she had MS…cheated with #3 for 5 years before asking for open marriage.  Newt tried to impreach Clinton for an affair. 

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Inside The Sickness That Makes Republicans Hate Poor Children

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Republicans claim Democrats engage in class warfare, but it is a deflection from their own war on the poor, and now on children. At a time when America should do everything to help all children thrive and benefit from a good education, Republicans intend on reserving that right for white affluent children and it is shameful. However, Republicans have sought to disenfranchise poor women, senior citizens, the middle class, and college students so it is not surprising they include children in that group. Hopefully, the world does not look too harshly on Americans because if they measure this country by the statements and policies of Republicans and their supporters, they would conclude that as a society, we are despicable people for, if nothing else, the way intend to treat our most cherished asset; our children.

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Romney has millions in offshore bank accounts. Why do people have cash offshore? To hide something BIG.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Why didnt he have his cash in a US bank? He’s got something to hide. It cannot be any simpler than that! 130 accounts offshore for Bain or him???? Mitt Romney is hiding a TON of stuff…he doesn’t even want to release more than his tax forms for this year which he will cook the books on. The Republicans sure vote for CHARACTER and people who are upstanding citizens. Newt leaves one wife who has cancer…another who has MS and tries to impeach Clinton for cheating. FAMILY VALUES! CHRISTIAN! PROLIFE!

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More on the story of Romney and his money is here

VIDEO: I read some MARX and I liked it!

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Your mother said to share. Was she a Marxist? No she was smart. She knew if one kid had all and one kid had none…which is the 1% vs 99%…she would have a KID WAR on her hands. Hence when you share you ALL win. Your mother was not a MARXIST or Socialist or other ist…well perhaps a PRAGMATIST. A pragmatic nation redistributes money back to the poor to help them and that results in social stability.Without it you get CHOPPED OFF HEADS! So 1%…do you like your head?Mom said SHARE! And U liked it

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Religion = helping poor = Socialism. All of them. Religions are all the same that way.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Regardless of your religious affiliation, if you do not embrace Socialism, then you do not understand your religion. In every religion I have any experience of, the least among us; those who are regularly shunted off and forgotten (or attacked, for the sake of political expediency) are lifted up as those to whom we should direct our most ardent attentions. This is built into the political ideals of Socialism. It is the only possible political expression for people of Faith. If you consider yourself a person of Faith, it is time you got right with God. Socialism directs itself toward justice and God, by whatever name you call God, is all about justice. Get right, or stop preaching.

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Newt Gingrich wants an alternative lifestyle in that he was looking to convince his wife #2 to have an “open marriage” so he could have an affair with her approval

Thursday, January 19th, 2012
Here is Newty with his big freakout during the CNN debate on 1/19/11
Newt Gingrich wants an open marriage…a swinger lifestyle…he is an alternative lifestyle guy AND he is a leader of the “Values Voters” at the same time. That is like being Heat Miser and Cold Miser at the same time. It cannot be done in this Universe!
So we have to recognize him for who he is…..Newt Gingrich…..MALE PROSTITUTE!
Video of his wife AT THE TIME discussing this Newt idea
More on Newt holding high the concept of marriage
And Newt of course wants to be quoted correctly
So when he spends his money on Tiffany’s who received the items costing upwards of $500,000
Because it all comes down to this’t_throw_stones
Then again it may play with his supporters because they truly believe many things that simply are and were not true
Too funny!

America was never a Christian nation

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

A common myth about American history holds that the first British colonists came to North America for freedom of religion. As it’s often the case, myth is much prettier than reality. It is true that the early Puritans very much resented being persecuted by other Protestants back in England, but this didn’t mean they had anything against persecuting others. What happened to American Indian religions after all the tribes had been conquered by the United States serves as a perfect example of this.

Technically speaking, Congress never passed a federal law prohibiting the practice of Native ceremonies. This, however, didn’t stop generations of secretaries of the Interior working in conjunction with other branches of the government from waging war against traditional Native beliefs. Viewing themselves as parents to senseless children, they honestly believed that criminalizing American Indian traditions was in the Natives’ best interest. Sending offenders to jail was–in their minds–a charitable act of love (incidentally, this is a great reminder that when people want to do something that goes against your will “for your own good” it’s time to start running for your life).

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Jon Stewart explains how iPhones and almost every other electronic item was made-with slave labor seeking death rather than another day at work

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

By creating a convenient ecosystem, China’s Foxconn draws in employees who earn 31 cents an hour working for 35 hours straight, thereby saving American companies money.

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Chart of the Day: Federal Programs Surprisingly Well Run

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

There’s no real way to compare this to the private sector, because the private sector just doesn’t run programs like this. The closest you could come is to compare this level of overhead to average SG&A costs — which is at least something Romney would understand — and on that score the federal government looks great and state governments don’t look too bad either. Most companies would be pretty happy with SG&A expenses of 5-10%.

It’s also worth noting that overhead costs go up precisely when the government does the kinds of things conservatives want it to do. Programs like SNAP and Section 8 housing have fairly stringent means testing rules in order to root out folks trying to game the system, and the result of that is higher admin costs. It’s pretty unavoidable. We could probably cut the overhead costs of housing vouchers by simply giving money to anyone under a certain income line and then calling it a day, but we don’t. We make sure you really truly qualify, we make sure the vouchers are really spent on housing, and we make sure that landlords aren’t scamming either tenants or the taxpayers. This is exactly the kind of thing conservatives are always urging us to do, and it costs money. There’s no way around it.

All of these programs could undoubtedly be run more efficiently and I’d love to hear some real suggestions from Romney about how we could do this. But even if his Bain-trained mind does have some good ideas, he’s never going to save more than a few percent. That adds up, and I’m all for it, but it’s not going to make a serious dent in federal spending and he knows it. There’s just no “massive overhead” here and there never has been. The vast bulk of this money goes exactly where it’s supposed to: to the people it’s meant to help.

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Republicans boo the Golden Rule

Monday, January 16th, 2012
One debate had them boo the gay solider…another had them boo the dying man with no insurance…now they boo the Golden Rule. This is like people cheering when others are thrown to lions.
These things that happened…if they were in a movie script the script would be rejected because people don’t do those things so the script would be rejected on grounds of being too insane. Wait a minute…people who wrap themselves in military and religion and patriotism boo a solider?? That would never happen!
And then a week later the same people wrapping themselves in a SAVIOR…a SAVIOR who cheer a man without money for insurance to die. THAT makes no sense.
And then the Golden Rule gets booed by these same people. ANYONE…doesnt matter the religion but ANYONE…anywhere any thought process anyone breathing…booing the Golden Rule. THAT just would NEVER happen in 5 million years. And there it was on TV. In front of the world.
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Golden Rule reconnaissance information is here

Ayn Rand or MLK. Conservatives claim both but they cannot.

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Ayn Rand or MLK: pick one

by David Atkins


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'”

Ayn Rand:

If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject.

Conservatives get to claim one or the other. They can’t have both.

And if they pick door #2, they can’t have this guy, either.

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Conservatives opposed almost everything with Civil Rights legislation even MLK Day

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Today, we celebrate the life of a truly great man, who — armed only with his bravery and powerful words — brought Jim Crow to its knees. It’s also important to remember that the political heirs of those who created and enforced Jim Crow for a century — Southern conservatives — are now running the Republican Party. And that’s why it’s easy to understand why the fiercest opposition to making MLK Day a national holiday was in the GOP.


The last Republican candidate for president opposed it.

“Mr. Conservative” (Barry Goldwater) voted against the holiday.

Ron Paul voted against the bill that created the holiday — twice.

77 of the 90 nay votes in final bill in the House were cast by Republicans.

18 of the 22 nay votes in the final bill in the Senate were cast by Republicans.

And the Greatest American in the History of America, Ronald “States’ Rights” Reagan, only reluctantly signed the bill into law because it arrived on his desk with veto-proof majorities. Before he signed it, he said,

Congress seemed bent on making it a national holiday.

What an inspiring endorsement.

American Conservatives: Wrong About Everything Since 1776.

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Unions are not Corporations which proves Corporations are not people

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Todd Farally is a Philadelphia progressive and a member of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 who I had the pleasure of talking to in Minneapolis last year at Netroots Nation. Todd gets really ticked when people start talking down unions, accusing them of being corrupt and not doing anything to help their members, so he wrote a piece over at Daily Kos explaining exactly what his union does:

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9 Reasons Obamacare Matters in 2012 and How Your Vote Will Make The Difference

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

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If you don’t vote in 2012….Obamacare could literally be repealed. And a repeal of Obamacare would mean going back to the status quo. No big deal right? Except…

#1 – Pre-existing conditions would be back baby. Sorry if you forgot to mention you had asthma on your disclosure paperwork…if your treatments start getting expensive – insurance companies will be able to drop you. Free market system…fewer regulations rock!

 #2 – Lower drug prices for seniors. As part of the “negotiation” with Big Pharma – seniors are about to get a sweet, sweet deal on prescription prices and the donut hole is now filled. But what is another $700 in the hands of seniors anyway.

 #3 – Small business tax credits to make offering coverage affordable. Businesses under 50 employees are exempt from coverage requirements for their employees and Obamacare provides tax incentives to make this affordable for employees. Small businesses have a hard enough time hiring people who require insurance as it is….I’m sure they’re used to it.

 #4 – The elimination of lifetime limits and annual limits on insurance costs. So – if you have a serious issue like AIDS or Cancer….your insurance company is required to only pay X amount total in your lifetime. Obamacare eliminates that. Sorry about the Leukemia. Profits > Your Life. You understand I’m sure.

 #5 – If you have kids under the age of 26 or are yourself under 26 – insurance companies are REQUIRED to allow the under 26 year old to be on the plan of the parents if that’s what the parents want. This has resulted in huge increases in insurance coverage for the 18 to 26 demo….but – live free or die I guess.

 #6 – All immunizations and preventative care including visits to the clinic must be FREE…per when the law is enacted in 2014. But…I really enjoy paying my copay for my regular check up….so….glad that will be gone.

 #7 – Consumers will have the ability to appeal decisions made by your insurance company if they try to stiff you. But I’m sure they wouldn’t do that right? I TRUST my insurance company – they are honest. Promise.

 #8 – Profits for insurance companies will be capped. They must use 85% of all premiums and income on funding bills from pharmaceuticals or hospitals. This means if they make a bigger profit than expected – you get a rebate. So no more 200 million bonuses for health insurance CEO’s. I CAN’T WAIT to go back to that.

 #9 – States like Vermont will not be able to implement single payer systems and will be prevented by federal law from going their own path. Single payer is the way. And this is the framework to move us there.

 There are so many more important elements of Obamacare. If you’re too dense to understand that this matters. If you’re too dense to understand that this will have a real impact on people’s lives and every single Republican has vowed to repeal it or defund it or neuter it to the best of their ability.

 If you think they’re all the same….you’re ignorant. And worse yet – your ignorance is hurting the country. Pay attention….I need you to catch up here. You’re going to hurt everyone else because you’re upset about Obama’s inability to make lucky charms fly out of the a$$es of little leprechauns at the end of double rainbows.

 There is a real difference here. Obamcare isn’t perfect but its the most progressive law this country has seen in almost 50 years. If you leave it hanging in the wind…you deserve EVERYTHING that’s going to happen in 2012. Unfortunately – your neighbor doesn’t. And neither do your kids.

 A little article below to read up on the stakes and the politics of Obamacare:

 Source Material:

 “Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA and a strong supporter of the law, said the election is the “most important development for the future of health care that could take place this year.”

 Pollack said he’d be even more concerned about a Republican winning the White House if the Senate and House are controlled by Republicans, too, allowing them to run the table on repealing the health law.

 Joseph Antos, a health policy expert at the American Enterprise Institute who opposes the law, agreed that the election matters more than the Supreme Court — but he also said Republicans may have to compromise on repealing the whole law if they get public backlash over repealing its most popular provisions.”

Jeremiah 22 explains when you have another God (idolize money in profits over people) then you will surely fail.

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

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Judgment Against Wicked Kings1 This is what the LORD says: “Go down to the palace of the king of Judah and proclaim this message there: 2 ‘Hear the word of the LORD to you, king of Judah, you who sit on David’s throne—you, your officials and your people who come through these gates. 3 This is what the LORD says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place. 4 For if you are careful to carry out these commands, then kings who sit on David’s throne will come through the gates of this palace, riding in chariots and on horses, accompanied by their officials and their people. 5 But if you do not obey these commands, declares the LORD, I swear by myself that this palace will become a ruin.’”

6 For this is what the LORD says about the palace of the king of Judah:

“Though you are like Gilead to me,
like the summit of Lebanon,
I will surely make you like a wasteland,
like towns not inhabited.
7 I will send destroyers against you,
each man with his weapons,
and they will cut up your fine cedar beams
and throw them into the fire.

8 “People from many nations will pass by this city and will ask one another, ‘Why has the LORD done such a thing to this great city?’ 9 And the answer will be: ‘Because they have forsaken the covenant of the LORD their God and have worshiped and served other gods.’”

10 Do not weep for the dead king or mourn his loss;
rather, weep bitterly for him who is exiled,
because he will never return
nor see his native land again.

11 For this is what the LORD says about Shallum[a] son of Josiah, who succeeded his father as king of Judah but has gone from this place: “He will never return. 12 He will die in the place where they have led him captive; he will not see this land again.”

13 “Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness,
his upper rooms by injustice,
making his own people work for nothing,
not paying them for their labor.
14 He says, ‘I will build myself a great palace
with spacious upper rooms.’
So he makes large windows in it,
panels it with cedar
and decorates it in red.

15 “Does it make you a king
to have more and more cedar?
Did not your father have food and drink?
He did what was right and just,
so all went well with him.
16 He defended the cause of the poor and needy,
and so all went well.
Is that not what it means to know me?”
declares the LORD.
17 “But your eyes and your heart
are set only on dishonest gain,
on shedding innocent blood
and on oppression and extortion.”

18 Therefore this is what the LORD says about Jehoiakim son of Josiah king of Judah:

“They will not mourn for him:
‘Alas, my brother! Alas, my sister!’
They will not mourn for him:
‘Alas, my master! Alas, his splendor!’
19 He will have the burial of a donkey—
dragged away and thrown
outside the gates of Jerusalem.”

20 “Go up to Lebanon and cry out,
let your voice be heard in Bashan,
cry out from Abarim,
for all your allies are crushed.
21 I warned you when you felt secure,
but you said, ‘I will not listen!’
This has been your way from your youth;
you have not obeyed me.
22 The wind will drive all your shepherds away,
and your allies will go into exile.
Then you will be ashamed and disgraced
because of all your wickedness.
23 You who live in ‘Lebanon,[b]
who are nestled in cedar buildings,
how you will groan when pangs come upon you,
pain like that of a woman in labor!

24 “As surely as I live,” declares the LORD, “even if you, Jehoiachin[c] son of Jehoiakim king of Judah, were a signet ring on my right hand, I would still pull you off. 25 I will deliver you into the hands of those who want to kill you, those you fear—Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and the Babylonians.[d] 26 I will hurl you and the mother who gave you birth into another country, where neither of you was born, and there you both will die. 27 You will never come back to the land you long to return to.”

28 Is this man Jehoiachin a despised, broken pot,
an object no one wants?
Why will he and his children be hurled out,
cast into a land they do not know?
29 O land, land, land,
hear the word of the LORD!
30 This is what the LORD says:
“Record this man as if childless,
a man who will not prosper in his lifetime,
for none of his offspring will prosper,
none will sit on the throne of David
or rule anymore in Judah.”

Your iPhone Was Built, In Part, By 13 Year-Olds Working 16 Hours A Day For 70 Cents An Hour

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

We love the super-high profit margins of Apple, Inc., the maker of our iPhones and iPads.

And that’s why it’s disconcerting to remember that the low prices of our iPhones and iPads — and the super-high profit margins of Apple — are only possible because our iPhones and iPads are made with labor practices that would be illegal in the United States.

And it’s also disconcerting to realize that the folks who make our iPhones and iPads not only don’t have iPhones and iPads (because they can’t afford them), but, in some cases, have never even seen them.

This is a complex issue. But it’s also an important one. And it’s only going to get more important as the world’s economies continue to become more intertwined.

Last week, NPR’s “This American Life” did a special on Apple’s manufacturing. The show featured (among others) the reporting of Mike Daisey, the man who does the one-man stage show “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,” and The NYT’s Nicholas Kristof, whose wife is from China.

You can read a transcript of the whole show here. Here are some details:

  • The Chinese city of Shenzhen is where most of our “crap” is made. 30 years ago, Shenzhen was a little village on a river. Now it’s a city of 13 million people — bigger than New York.
  • Foxconn, one of the companies that builds iPhones and iPads (and products for many other electronics companies), has a factory in Shenzhen that employs 430,000 people.
  • There are 20 cafeterias at the Foxconn Shenzhen plant. They each serve 10,000 people.
  • One Foxconn worker Mike Daisey interviewed, outside factory gates manned by guards with guns, was a 13-year old girl. She polished the glass of thousands of new iPhones a day.
  • The 13-year old said Foxconn doesn’t really check ages. There are on-site inspections, from time to time, but Foxconn always knows when they’re happening. And before the inspectors arrive, Foxconn just replaces the young-looking workers with older ones.
  • In the first two hours outside the factory gates, Daisey meets workers who say they are 14, 13, and 12 years old (along with plenty of older ones). Daisey estimates that about 5% of the workers he talked to were underage.
  • The dormitories.

    Daisey assumes that Apple, obsessed as it is with details, must know this. Or, if they don’t, it’s because they don’t want to know.

  • Daisey visits other Shenzhen factories, posing as a potential customer. He discovers that most of the factory floors are vast rooms filled with 20,000-30,000 workers apiece. The rooms are quiet: There’s no machinery, and there’s no talking allowed. When labor costs so little, there’s no reason to build anything other than by hand.
  • A Chinese working “hour” is 60 minutes — unlike an American “hour,” which generally includes breaks for Facebook, the bathroom, a phone call, and some conversation. The official work day in China is 8 hours long, but the standard shift is 12 hours. Generally, these shifts extend to 14-16 hours, especially when there’s a hot new gadget to build. While Daisey is in Shenzhen, a Foxconn worker dies after working a 34-hour shift.
  • Assembly lines can only move as fast as their slowest worker, so all the workers are watched (with cameras). Most people stand.
  • The workers stay in dormitories. In a 12-by-12 cement cube of a room, Daisey counts 15 beds, stacked like drawers up to the ceiling. Normal-sized Americans would not fit in them.
  • Unions are illegal in China. Anyone found trying to unionize is sent to prison.
  • Daisey interviews dozens of (former) workers who are secretly supporting a union. One group talked about using “hexane,” an iPhone screen cleaner. Hexane evaporates faster than other screen cleaners, which allows the production line to go faster. Hexane is also a neuro-toxin. The hands of the workers who tell him about it shake uncontrollably.
  • Some workers can no longer work because their hands have been destroyed by doing the same thing hundreds of thousands of times over many years (mega-carpal-tunnel). This could have been avoided if the workers had merely shifted jobs. Once the workers’ hands no longer work, obviously, they’re canned.
  • One former worker had asked her company to pay her overtime, and when her company refused, she went to the labor board. The labor board put her on a black list that was circulated to every company in the area. The workers on the black list are branded “troublemakers” and companies won’t hire them.
  • One man got his hand crushed in a metal press at Foxconn. Foxconn did not give him medical attention. When the man’s hand healed, it no longer worked. So they fired him. (Fortunately, the man was able to get a new job, at a wood-working plant. The hours are much better there, he says — only 70 hours a week).
  • The man, by the way, made the metal casings of iPads at Foxconn. Daisey showed him his iPad. The man had never seen one before. He held it and played with it. He said it was “magic.”

Importantly, Shenzhen’s factories, as hellish as they are, have been a boon to the people of China. Liberal economist Paul Krugman says so. NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof says so. Kristof’s wife’s ancestors are from a village near Shenzhen. So he knows of what he speaks. The “grimness” of the factories, Kristof says, is actually better than the “grimness” of the rice paddies.

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Stephen Colbert Takes Sunday Morning By Storm And Skewers Citizens United

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

STEPHANOPOULOS: No, we got a few of them from Facebook, though. “Do you believe the outcome of the 2012 presidential election is based on how much money each candidate can raise?”

COLBERT: No, it’s how much speech they can express, because money equals speech. It doesn’t matter if the speech comes from money or comes from your mouth.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you agree with the Supreme Court?

COLBERT: On almost everything. Money equals speech, therefore, the more money you have the more you can speak. That’s just — that just stands to reason. If corporations are people, corporations should be able to speak. That’s why I believe in super PACs.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you believe in super PACs. You believe they’re full expression of the First Amendment?

COLBERT: Without a doubt, do you not, George? Do you not believe that some — are you saying…

STEPHANOPOULOS: I’m asking the questions today, Mr. Colbert.

COLBERT: Well, you answer one of my questions, I’ll answer one of yours. Do you believe that corporations are people?

STEPHANOPOULOS: I’m not going to weigh in on that. We’re going to have a long campaign here. But I want to know what you think about that.

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Gay Marriage in Iowa has proven Conservatives wrong

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Well, gay marriage has been legal here in Iowa for going on three years now, and just as FOX News predicted, traditional marriage has all but ceased to exist in the Hawkeye state.

The sinister influence of the gay agenda has spread through Iowa faster than anyone thought possible. This epidemic was so pervasive in Iowa that in just the past six months alone, you could see Santorum in public view in every one of Iowa’s 99 counties.

I, myself was accosted by a young man who asked directions to the nearest Bed, Bath and Beyond. Though it may sound harmless, I could read between the lines and tell what he really wanted. I was fortunate that I managed to get away before he could show me how to pick out throw pillows that complement my living room decor.

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Stephen Colbert calls Mitt Romney a Serial Killer as Romney killed companies as part of his job and Romney says Corporations are PEOPLE.

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Stephen perfectly skewers Mitt Romney using Mitt Romney’s own words.  If Corporations are People as Mitt says then Mitt is a serial killer.

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Basically Republicans continue to use same charges against Obama regardless of what Obama is doing

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Rachel Maddow completely dismantles the Republican claims that President Obama has grown the size of government since taking office.

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Ron Paul wildly inconsistent in his stances

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

People say Ron Paul is consistent. This claim is not true. I will prove it with evidence.

Here is a list of Ron Paul inconsistencies. I’ll give the list first, then the explanation and documentation second. (I know Ron Paul supporters will go right in to denial mode without actually looking at all the documented evidence. Regardless, the evidence stands no matter what they say. Yes it remains true even if they shout, “LIAR! Warmonger! Neocon! Shill! Hit piece!” Funny how truth works huh?)

1.Says he’s against government help for business, but requests help for business.
2.Inconsistent on border security.
3.Pork. He rants against government waste but puts pork in the bills.
4.Inconsistent in his support of conservative candidates.
5.Inconsistent in his ‘love’ for Ronald Reagan.
6.Term limits.
7.Claims he’s the champion of ‘freedom’, but he isn’t for everyone.
8. Inconsistent in his reason for leaving the Republican party for the Libertarian party, then joining the Republican party and staying on.
9. Paul pontificates on Newt keeping immoral money, but Paul keeps immoral racist donations and profits.
10.Explanations for his racist newsletters.
11.Pro-life but pro-states rights for abortion.
12.Funding for Rosa Parks medal.

1. In debates, Ron Paul rants against government subsidizing of business. Link Ron Paul has requested $8 million for the marketing of wild shrimp. Link Again, Ron Paul may offer some slick explanations around this. If you’re going to afford him some grace on this, then you have to afford other politicians grace when they give slick explanations for their hypocrisy. We all know Paul supporters won’t afford others that grace. If a Paul supporter says Paul is doing what everyone else does, then they’re admitting he’s just as crooked as the rest. Yes it’s a tough pickle to be in as a Paul supporter.

2. Ron Paul is inconsistent on border security. In this audio interview he complains about the presence of guns at the border Link Link Yet in this Ron Paul for Congress page he shows his support for increased patrols and such at the border. Link Link

3. Ron Paul rants against pork and big government but loads up bills with pork, then offers up crazy justifications for the contradictions. Link Link Link Link I don’t care what kind of slick politician like justifications he gives for it. He’s clearly contradicting his convictions. He rants against pork, then puts it in the bills. That’s inconsistent. He feels he has a moral obligation to put it in, but then he votes against that which he feels is a moral obligation. Please don’t sit there and seriously say that’s not inconsistent. If any other politician went to such extremes to justify the contradiction, you’d call them a serial hypocrite and slick politician. To not apply the same scrutiny to Ron Paul is to give him a double standard.

Ron Paul is trying to have his pork sandwich and eat it too. He wants to have a no vote on pork spending on his record, while he brings home the pork to satisfy his constituents. This allows him to keep their votes. Ron Paul can’t have it both ways. He can’t hide behind the skirt of the majority. He wants to have that ‘perfect’ voting record. He also wants to get reelected, so he brings home the pork. In a sense, he’s wimping out on making tough decisions.

4. Ron Paul is very inconsistent on who he supports for president. In 2008 he said he wouldn’t support Mccain, a pro-life, pro-second amendment, smaller government Republican and a high rated conservative. Paul said there wasn’t anything they agreed on. Link Link Link Yet he had no problem giving some support to Cynthia McKinney in her bid for president. Link Link Link Link Link

Anyone aware of politics knows she’s as left as they come. She’s also pro-choice. Link Link Ron Paul claims he’s committed to protecting life. Link McKinney brags about her 100% NARAL rating. Link She even voted against the partial birth abortion ban. Link It’s terribly inconsistent to say you’re ‘committed’ to protecting life, but then turn around and even suggest or support giving the highest office in the land to someone with a 100% NARAL rating. She’s also for partial birth abortion. This is terribly inconsistent especially when there is a more conservative alternative. Not perfectly conservative, but surely more conservative than the pro-choice, pro-socialized medicine, pro-much bigger government Cynthia McKinney.

5. Ron Paul is inconsistent on his love of Ronald Reagan. In 1988 he called Reagan a failure. He turned in his resignation with a forceful denouncing of Reagan. here Yet in 2011 he releases a campaign ad where he acts like he supported Reagan all along. here You can’t rip him a new one in 1988, then act like you are all buddy buddy in 2011. That is inconsistent. I don’t care how you spin it. It’s inconsistent to call someone a failure one year, then say you support them years later. It’s inconsistent.

6. Ron Paul is inconsistent on term limits. He argues for them, but serves 20+ years in congress. Link Link I don’t care how you conjecture, it’s still very inconsistent.
7.Ron Paul constantly claims he’s the champion of freedom. Link Yet he would vote against the Civil Rights Act that gave African Americans the right to eat at the lunch counter and the right to get a motel room. Link Link African Americans deserve the right to eat at the counter and get a hotel room.

8. Ron Paul is inconsistent on his reason for leaving the Republican party in 1988 and then running again as a Republican and remaining a Republican in later years. During his 1988 run for president as a Libertarian, Ron Paul wrote a resignation type letter describing why he was leaving the Republican party. He pointed to the Republican failure to reduce spending and reduce the size of government as reasons for leaving. here

He returned as a Republican in 1996 as he was elected to Congress. He continued as a Republican up through the Bush years and then ran as a Republican for president in 2008. Remember, he ranted against the growth and expansion of government under Bush and the Republicans. Recall that he left the Republican party in 1988 and ran as a Libertarian because Reagan and the Republicans ‘grew government and spending’. Well if he left in 1988 for those reasons and if those same circumstances existed during the Bush years, shouldn’t he have left the party again in 2008? Looks like another example of Ron Paul being inconsistent.

9. Ron Paul is inconsistent on the issue of ‘immoral money’. He pontificates on Newt keeping immoral money. Link Yet Ron Paul defends keeping immoral money he received from racists and also from his two decades of making money off of racist newsletters. Link Link Link

10. He’s terribly inconsistent on his explanation and defense of his racist newsletters. In the 1990?s he defended them. Years later he acts clueless about the author. During a campaign he stood and defended them, then later said he only did that because he couldn’t tell people the truth during the campaign. here here here here here here

11. Ron Paul is inconsistent in his view of abortion. He says he’s pro-life. Yet he also says he wants to leave the issue up to the states. Thus he puts states rights above human life. In this video he argues for life, but then says he’s going to leave this up to the states if they want to leave it that way. He argues for keeping regulation for abortion at the local level. Again he puts local control as more important than protecting life. Link It’s a total contradiction to say you’re pro-life but to say local rights are superior. Link

12. Ron Paul is inconsistent on using government resources for so called ‘unconstitutional’ things. He voted against a Congressional medal for Rosa Parks, but promotes an art contest with government resources. Link Link Link You might say the art contest thing costs little. That’s not the point. Ron Paul claims to be the pure one on the constitution. The constitution according to him shouldn’t be used for things like these. If you’re going to grant him liberty on the art contest, then you’re basically saying you agree with using government resources for ‘unconstitutional’ things. Again, the issue is Ron Paul’s consistency and his claims to being so constitutionally pure.

Closing Thoughts

I know Paul supporters are going to look at this and say, “That’s all you got?” or “That’s the best you can do?”

Listen, they’d say that if I had a video of Ron Paul gang raping preschoolers.

The evidence stands. Ron Paul is not consistent. In fact he’s very inconsistent.

Paul supporters may say that all politicians do the things listed above. While that may be true, such a statement is an admission that Ron Paul isn’t pure and consistent. It’s an admission that he’s just like everyone else.

Paul supporters may say that after looking at all the claims made, they still feel Ron Paul is the best choice for the presidency. I can respect that. I simply aak that they quit perpetuating the myth and legend that Ron Paul is flawlessly consistent.

Paul supporters may be able to talk their way out of the contradictions listed above. You know what, all politicians can spin their way out of their contradictions. If they are going to afford Paul the ‘liberty’ of spinning his way out of the contradictions, then they have to afford others the same ‘liberty’. To do any less, would be to apply a terrible double standard to Paul in his favor.

Again, to those who are going to say, “That’s all you got”, as a way to shimmy away from all the contradictions, I have this to say. You must afford all other candidates the same standard to shimmy their way out of all the allegations you place upon them. Again, we can’t have a double standard. If ”that’s all you got” gets Paul free of all his inconsistencies, then it follows that it gets all others out of their inconsistencies too. And if this is the case, Ron Paul can’t make a case against anyone.

Why? Well. Because. “That’s all he’s got.”


All the denials are starting to resemble an episode of COPS where the car and drugs never belong to the suspect…

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Ron Paul wants to fire Smokey Bear by selling off National Parks

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

BOB SCHIEFFER: All right. Let me ask you about some domestic things. Your plan to get the country back on a firm financial footing is to close, including among other things, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, Commerce, Interior, Housing and Urban Development. You would cut back the federal workforce by ten percent. You’ve also suggested we should close FEMA which is the emergency management agency. I–


BOB SCHIEFFER: –I have to ask you this. What do you do about all the things that those agencies control, run, supervise? For example, what– what happens to the national parks if you close the Department of the Interior? Do we just let them go by the by or what?

REPRESENTATIVE RON PAUL: No. No– no way. And– and the program deals with this, there’s transition funds. But we would like to see a lot of land sold off but we’re not just going to ignore the parks. No, not– not at all. I mean the– the money isn’t there. These are departments that are doing too much. The American people are sick and tired of our educational system. Just think of how we’ve been involved and give out loans and we educate students. The price that– cost of education goes up. They graduate. They don’t have jobs. And they have a trillion dollars worth of debt. We have to question that. This country is in bankruptcy.

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Minn Romney’s wildly inefficient 2008 Presidential run and why a CEO President is not necessarily good for America

Friday, January 13th, 2012
This book is written by Romney’s people from the 2008 campaign.
When will the meme of “We need a CEO President” be killed once and for all…because CEOs and business people have different directions. CEOs have “the good of us” as the direction whereas the politican is supposed to have “the good of US ALL” as a direction. Huge difference! Mitt is a “the good of us” guy. Which is why he can take his $44million in corporate bailouts he received…undoubtedly MASSIVE tax writeoffs for “business expenses” and personally take $250million in pay and not bat an eyelash as he continues to spout a “get government off our backs” spiel.
When will this insanity end?
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When Mitt Romney Came to Town

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

This is the video highlighting how Mitt Romney destroyed lives as a corporate riader

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Mitt Romney is depicted as a financier “more ruthless than Wall Street” and a son of privilege responsible for firing thousands of workers in a film bankrolled by Newt Gingrich supporters set to be released today in South Carolina.

“Make a profit,” a laughing Romney is shown saying in the 28-minute film, obtained by Bloomberg News. “That’s what it’s all about, right?”

Release of the film, which attacks Romney’s record as the chief executive officer of the private-equity firm Bain Capital LLC, comes after the former Massachusetts governor’s victory in yesterday’s New Hampshire Republican presidential primary.

The super-PAC supporting Gingrich’s campaign, Winning Our Future, says it plans to buy $3.4 million of ads in South Carolina, with the Republican campaign for president focusing on the state’s Jan. 21 primary election.

As Romney takes wins in the first two nominating contests into South Carolina, his rivals will seek to shake his frontrunner status in a state with a history of negative campaigning.

Money for Air Time

Entitled “When Mitt Romney Came to Town,” the film produced by Jason Killian Meath, a former Republican National Committee aide, is being funded by Winning Our Future, an organization run by longtime aides to Gingrich. Sheldon Adelson, chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS), and a Gingrich supporter, has given Winning Our Future $5 million to help air the film in South Carolina.

Among the film’s allegations, it potentially overstates Romney’s net worth and the number of homes he owns and misstates how active a role he played in Bain during a period the company owned KB Toys Inc.

“It’s absolutely brutal in its depiction of the activities of Bain Capital under Governor Romney,” said Stephen K. Bannon, a conservative filmmaker and radio host who said he had no connection to the Romney film.

Bannon, a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker, interviewed Barry Bennett, a supporter of Texas Governor Rick Perry who commissioned the film, on his show at KABC Radio inLos Angeles.

“It wouldn’t be an issue except for the fact that Governor Romney’s made it the central part of this thesis for why he should be elected,” Bannon said.

Swift Boat Comparison

The attacks on Romney’s tenure at Bain are similar to criticism Democrat John Kerry faced over his service in theVietnam War in his unsuccessful presidential bid, said political analyst Matthew Dowd on the Charlie Rose show.

Kerry’s military service was his main asset in the 2004 election that was about national security. It became a liability when an outside group ran advertisements critical of Kerry’s record, Dowd said.

“That’s the problem with Bain,” Dowd said. “It’s the main asset that Mitt Romney has to sell in an election about the economy.”

The film focuses on four companies acquired by Bain that later suffered difficulties or filed for bankruptcy — UniMac, KB Toys Inc., American Pad & Paper or Ampad, and DDI Corp. (DDIC), an electronics company.

‘Filling in the Gaps’

“We’re filling in the gaps of the 20 years of Bain that nobody knows about,” said Rick Tyler, a former Gingrich campaign spokesman and senior adviser to Winning Our Future.“People can look at it and decide for themselves.”

The film says that Romney’s financial statement shows his personal fortune to be “at least a quarter billion dollars.”

That figure is a top range of Romney’s worth. Romney filed a public financial disclosure report with the Federal Election Commission last year that lists his investment holdings, which are valued using a range. Using lower figures in the range, Romney could have assets valued at $190 million.

An unidentified woman in the film says Romney owns 15 homes. According to published reports, Romney owns three, one inMassachusetts, one in California and one in New Hampshire.

In another instance, the film said the Boston Herald newspaper called profits that Romney and his firm made from KB Toys “disgusting.”

The quote is incorrectly attributed. The Boston Herald quoted a fired KB Toys employee saying top executives made“disgusting” profits after the 2000 takeover.

Moving Truck

The film includes a procession of purported fired workers describing their struggles to cope with the ensuing job losses.

An unnamed woman recalls how she lost her home after she says she was fired by Ampad and had to pack her belongings into a moving truck. The identities of the people portrayed couldn’t be immediately independently verified.

In his presidential campaign appearances, Romney has cited jobs created by the private-equity firm where he worked for 25 years.

Romney has stated that, while some business ventures failed, a net gain of 100,000 jobs were created by Bain’s successes. Neither the Romney campaign nor Bain provided data to support that figure.

The film’s interview with the purportedly fired worker is juxtaposed with a clip of Romney saying, “For an economy to thrive, there are a lot of people who will suffer as a result of that.”

‘Making Billions’

Others depicted in the film include a woman describing how she was fired when eight months pregnant, a mother who had difficulties feeding her family after her alleged job-loss and several women who lost homes to foreclosure. Throughout the film, Romney and Bain are presented as having caused, and profited from, their hardships.

“Under Romney, Bain was making billions,” a narrator says. “At the same time, contributing to the greatest American job-loss since World War II.”

“It is sad when any American loses their job,” Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for Romney’s presidential campaign, said in a statement responding to the film. Under President Barack Obama, “25 million Americans are out of work, under-employed or have stopped looking for work. It’s puzzling to see Speaker Gingrich and his supporters continue their attacks on free enterprise.”

‘Left-Wing Allies’

“This is the type of criticism we’ve come to expect from President Obama and his left-wing allies at,” Saul said. “Unlike President Obama and Speaker Gingrich, Mitt Romney spent his career in business and knows what it will take to turn around our nation’s bad economy.”

Tyler refused to authorize Bloomberg to show the film ahead of its official release.

The film also depicts Romney as “rich beyond imagination”and out of touch with most Americans as a result of his wealth. Two of Romney’s homes are featured, described as “a $3 million home in New Hampshire with a private beach and a $12 million beachfront property in California.”

Twice in the film, Romney is also shown speaking in French. The two-time presidential aspirant was a Mormon missionary inFrance as a young man.

Hannity Scolds Rick Perry For Accusing Romney Of “Vulture Capitalism”: That’s What “I Expect From Barack Obama”

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Republicans are painted into a corner with their views of Free Market Capitalism.  Republicans see regulation as killing corporate profits and anything other than that is not their thought.  Rick Perry does not see it that way.  He just said Free Market Capitalism is not a good thing because it hurts people.  WOW! Rick Perry tells the truth.

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Founding Fathers would not qualify to become elected leaders of today because of America’s God/Jesus addiction

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Unlike many of today’s candidates, the founders didn’t find it necessary to constantly wear religion on their sleeves. They considered faith a private affair. Contrast them to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (who says he wouldn’t vote for an atheist for president because non-believers lack the proper moral grounding to guide the American ship of state), Texas Gov. Rick Perry (who hosted a prayer rally and issued an infamous ad accusing President Barack Obama of waging a “war on religion”) and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum (whose uber-Catholicism leads him to oppose not just abortion but birth control).

There was a time when Americans voted for candidates who were skeptical of core concepts of Christianity like the Trinity, the divinity of Jesus and the virgin birth. The question is, could any of them get elected today? The sad answer is probably not.

Here are five founding fathers whose views on religion would most likely doom them to defeat today:

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RANT: Mitt Romney and his anti-Socialism stance. Romney is a Socialist. Romney wants ALL the Socialism for him so you don’t get any

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
This story was out months ago. Romney received many bailouts. When you look at how VULTURE CAPITALISTS get the actual cash to do things you find that they get sweetheart/low interest deals at far lower of a rate than you and I could ever get. Remember that the old boys network works only to the benefit of the old boys who all know one another. THEN they go in and fire the workers….offer them their jobs back at a lot less pay and no benefits….then they sell off the divisions that they can….offshore what they can and close what they can. When parsed out….just like a car with the parts….it is worth far far more than when sold as one entity. They sell it or make an IPO with the improved revenue as fewer workers always brings. THEN the directors pay themselves well (because hey they got the super low sweetheart loans) and the people they fired….well they are the little people (this is you and me here) so they are expendable. and then they do it again. So Romney was NEVER a self made man. these FREE MARKET people were NEVER self made. He used sweetheart loans…SOCIALISM of writing off losses and then paid himself millions with the savings of firing people. Romney got his money the old fashioned way….he inherited it. It is BLOOD MONEY he has in the bank. The blood of all the people who were about to retire but were fired or were hired back at far less than they made before or who now have no benefits. VULTURE CAPITALISM. You should see how this anally rapes NATIONS when done on a very large scale…..but that is another email……
1- Mitt got this of course…
2- Ron Paul’s medical training was paid for as he went through the military. So his training was courtesy of Socialism and many of his patients were paid via Medicare and Medicaid…so his business life was Socialistic as well. Meaning the life that RAND had growing up was paid for by Socialistic businesses practices of his father so RAND PAUL benefitted fro Socialism too massively!
3-Bachmann got upwards of $250,000 for farm subsidies for her family farm and her husband the questionably gay man (she is anti gay at every step of course) got many dollars from the government as well for his “pray the gay out” clinic….which did not work on him obviously.
4- Perry used $17Billion of the Stimulus to help the state of Texas and then said how great Texas is doing. YEAH it is doing great it just got $17Billion of ObamaDollars. Whatta dope! But the bigger dopes are the people that BUY IT.
ALL of them take tax write offs. A tax write off is a small bailout for doing something. Why do I have to support people that- get the child deduction….get the house interest deduction…buy solar stuff….TAKE FRAUDULENT BUSINESS DEDUCTIONS. Cant they pay for these on their own? Each one of those is the government giving a little bailout to the people taking those deductions. In America we pay taxes according to our income. People who reduce their taxes lower than where they initially fall on the chart by just $1 are Socializing their losses. They are Socialists. They are all Socialists. And the richer they are the more Socialism they get. BUT…the GOP candidates are selling to the Rubes that SOCIALISM IS EVIL. What??!?!!? The candidates and GOP are relying of the ignorance of the masses to make them believe that they are “self made” when in fact the government helped them up every rung of the ladder and the richer they are the more hands up the ladder they received from WE THE PEOPLE. Now THAT is a great Socialsitic phrase isnt it…WE THE PEOPLE…wow doesnt that just reek utterly reek of Socialism??????????????? hahah
But when people like you and me are down on our luck or have a job that does not pay enough…we cannot benefit from a couple thousand dollars of help or get health care or send our kids to public school because THAT IS SOCIALISM and we cannot have that EVIL amongst us. if you dont have a job that pays blame yourself!!!! You are to blame!!!! But they line up with a dumptruck and load the truck with cash every day courtesy of you and me…and they are already filthy rich. THAT is the problem. They say get government off my back….so they can have it pay THEM when they lose money. They say get goverment off my back so I can pollute the river and flush those toxins out to the ocean so I dont have to pay the $5000 to get the waste processed correctly and in a healthy manner. But that ocean is whre our kids play and the fish live that we eat.
But government HELPS YOU AND ME. It cannot be clearer….the rubes voting for these losers are killing themselves because the RUBES NEED SERVICES. From schools to the EPA keeping the air/food/water non-polluted. And you and I are far far far closer to a homeless poor rube than those elitist bastards like Romney who is anally raping the system to his own benefit. Either you are with the rich or the poor….pick one. Independents are low information people.
Pick one…..WE…..are poor. THAT is our side. Say it with me….I am far far more POOR than I am RICH. I have NOTHING to do with Romney and his ilk and actually the next few months of income make me nervous when I think about it. We are with the Welfare people because we are literally next to them in the socioeconomic world. THAT is our side. But the Teaparty people are CONVINCED that their $30,000 job with low benefits and a 15 year old car they pray will get them to work tomorrow….they vote FAMILY VALUES because God says gays cannot marry and OBAMA IS TAKIN OUR GUNZZZZ…..and they play the LOTTO…and they say those UNION people making $45,000 are to blame….and they pray to THEIR GOD that one day they will be one of the 1% and they wont want high taxes ….. so keep them low for the rich today….because thats ME tomorrow. This is said in the land of the WORST WORST WORST ability to improve your socioeconomic status in the Industrialized World.
I wanna puke!!!
I wanna puke that people buy this garbage!!!