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Right to WORK-For Less

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

****That’s why, according to Economic Policy Institute data, workers in right to work states on average take home over $1,500 less per year than those in union shop states.****

Something happened in Indiana last week, besides the Super Bowl. And that was signing of Right to Work legislation.

Right to work is one of the greatest euphemisms of all time. On the surface, who can be against a right to work law? What right to work does, however, is take away workers’ union rights.

It basically outlaws negotiated union shop agreements.

Under right to work, a worker can chose whether or not to join a union at their workplace. On the surface, this sounds fair. Under a union shop agreement, every worker, after their probation is over, joins the union.

This is the arrangement at Mitsubishi and many other workplaces in Central Illinois. Why should someone be forced to join a union if they are not interested in belonging? But here’s the rub in the legislation and this is why labor opposes right to work laws.

Right to work laws require the union to provide full representation rights to every worker, whether they are a member or not. The non-member, who does not pay dues to support the organization, still gets any raises or benefits that come with the union contract. The non-member also gets full union representation rights.

A big thing in every union contract is the grievance procedure. If a worker feels they are being mistreated and the contract not being followed, they can file a grievance. The union, if the grievance has merit, takes that complaint to management.

If the two cannot agree, they go through an arbitration process, hiring an outside arbitrator to hear the case. A typical grievance can cost a union thousands of dollars, which comes from the members’ dues. The arbitrator is paid, sometimes outside legal counsel is used and union staff time is taken up with the grievance.

Under right to work, a non-member has the same access to the grievance process that a member has. The union is legally obligated by the right to work law to handle the non-members’ complaint, no matter the expense to the dues paying membership.

Also, because a work force is divided between members and non-members, the union is in a weaker bargaining position, unable to present a united front to management when negotiating. This erodes workers’ paychecks.

That’s why, according to Economic Policy Institute data, workers in right to work states on average take home over $1,500 less per year than those in union shop states.

A right to work might sound wonderful, but right to work laws have hidden costs. Don’t be fooled by the euphemism, but learn what this means.

This is Mike Matejka on WJBC’s Forum.

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Starbuck’s Secret Menu

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Tons of drinks they just keep quiet

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Why the Republican War on Workers’ Rights Undermines the American Economy

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The battle has resumed in Wisconsin. The state supreme court has allowed Governor Scott Walker to strip bargaining rights from state workers.

Meanwhile, legislators in New Hampshire and officials in Missouri are attacking private unions, seeking to make the states so-called “open shop” where workers can get all the benefits of being union members without paying union dues. Needless to say this ploy undermines the capacity of unions to do much of anything. Other Republican governors and legislatures are following suit.

Republicans in Congress are taking aim at the National Labor Relations Board, which is likely to consider a relatively minor rule change allowing workers to vote on whether to unionize soon after a union has been proposed, rather than allowing employers to delay the vote for years. Many employers have used the delaying tactics to retaliate against workers who try to organize, and intimidate others into rejecting a union.

This war on workers’ rights is an assault on the middle class, and it is undermining the American economy.

The American economy can’t get out of neutral until American workers have more money in their pockets to buy what they produce. And unions are the best way to give them the bargaining power to get better pay.

For three decades after World War II – I call it the “Great Prosperity” – wages rose in tandem with productivity. Americans shared the gains of growth, and had enough money to buy what they produced.

That’s largely due to the role of labor unions. In 1955, over a third of American workers in the private sector were unionized. Today, fewer than 7 percent are.

With the decline of unions has come the stagnation of American wages. More and more of the total income and wealth of America has gone to the very top. The middle class’s purchasing power has depended on mothers going into paid work, everyone working longer hours, and, finally, the middle class going deep into debt, using their homes as collateral.

But now all these coping mechanisms are exhausted — and we’re living with the consequence.

Some say the Great Prosperity was an anomaly. America’s major competitors lay in ruins. We had the world to ourselves. According to this view, there’s no going back.

But this view is wrong. If you want to see the same basic bargain we had then, take a look at Germany now.

Germany is growing much faster than the United States. Its unemployment rate is now only 6.1 percent (we’re now at 9.1 percent).

What’s Germany’s secret? In sharp contrast to the decades of stagnant wages in America, real average hourly pay has risen almost 30 percent there since 1985. Germany has been investing substantially in education and infrastructure.

How did German workers do it? A big part of the story is German labor unions are still powerful enough to insist that German workers get their fair share of the economy’s gains.

That’s why pay at the top in Germany hasn’t risen any faster than pay in the middle. As David Leonhardt reported in the New York Times recently, the top 1 percent of German households earns about 11 percent of all income – a percent that hasn’t changed in four decades.

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Most of Obama’s “Controversial” Birth Control Rule Was Law During Bush Years

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

President Barack Obama’s decision to require most employers to cover birth control and insurers to offer it at no cost has created a firestorm of controversy. But the central mandate—that most employers have to cover preventative care for women—has been law for over a decade. This point has been completely lost in the current controversy, as Republican presidential candidates and social conservatives claim that Obama has launched a war on religious liberty and the Catholic Church.

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A shooting down of Teaparty economic concepts of Obama

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

America’s corporations are simply making more profit than they have EVER made…under Obama

 If Obama is a Socialist Marxist Mau Mau Kenyan Revolutionary…..and America’s corporations are making the highest profits they have EVER MADE (which they are doing today)…either

 1. America does better under a Socialist Marxist Mau Mau Revolutionary…which is your very description of him.
2. Or what?

 Explain to me how this Evil Socialist is destroying our economy and nation when corporate profits are higher than EVER….EVER…not just some time…but EVER.

 Let’s see-

He’s killing corporations with regulations. BZZZT. Sorry this fails at the sniff test of basic logic…Obama has enacted fewer regulations than W did so your quantifiably wrong and qualitatively incorrect to begin with. And secondly if you think he is enacting more regulations AND corporate profits are higher than ever…you contradicted your argument against regulation stifling corporate profits from the start. Wrong on both ends of the argument. Try again.

 His tax policies are scaring corporations…BZZZZT. This makes no sense. Personal taxes are the lowest they have been since the 50s and corporate taxes are the lowest they have been EVER…try again.

 He wants to redistribute income….BZZT. No logic here…if corporate profits are your Bible then your Bible under Obama is more golden than it was at any time under W or even Reagan. Obama’s redistribution threat (which there is none other than taxing millionaires a few percent more)is not scaring corporate profits at all…try again.

 He is a Socialist…BZZZZT. Um…you just proved our point which is YOUR OWN DEFINITION of Socialism Marxism Kenyan Mau Mau Revolutionary which you say he is….is delivering the best corporate news EVER EVER EVER.

 Anything else?

He’s takin our gunzzz….BZZZT. He gave you the entire federal forest system in which to carry your guns. Prior to Obama guns were not allowed on federal lands but almost every piece of federal forest is now open for gun holders…meaning about 25% of the land mass of the nation was granted this under Obama. He is takin your gunzzz but allows you more land than ever to carry your guns? SMACK MY HEAD!!!!!

 Sorry Teaparty/Ron-Rand Paul/Conservatives/Reagan followers/Ayn Rand Cultists/Free Marketers/Lasseiz Faire Market/Neo Cons/Newt/Mitt/OrlyTaitz/Religious Right/Moral Majority/Illuminati and FreeMasons….the American corporate economy that you believe is going to be the savior of us all….is doing better under Obama than at any time ever. Your concepts on economics are proven false by this simple point. Your God the almighty US corporation is shining brighter than ever before….under….Obama. Brighter than under Bush….brighter than under REAGAN. Profits are higher….than at any time…ever….in history.

 You lose the argument you started as simple logic destroys your concepts.

 One last thing…you Conservatives said that Clinton was going to turn us into the Soviet Union. You said he was a Socialist/Communist/Marxist. You said he was going to destroy the FREE MARKET and businesses were going to be demolished by his LUNATIC LEFT WING economic policies. Just like you say about Obama. And whattya know…Clinton gave us the greatest economic expansion we have ever seen AND a paying off of our debt as he raised taxes a few percent on the rich and enacted good regulations. So your argument is worn out its welcome to people who actually remember anything and know anything. It is merely a name calling that Low Information people and their “lizard brain” respond to. And it is wrong as history shows us and the news explains to us today.

When the dots are connected in a very simple way…the simple truth is the strongest force known.

1. They say he is a lunatic and will destroy us all….
2. The basis of their world (corporatism) is doing better than ever…
Those two phrases cannot coexist in a rational world. 

You cannot destroy me as FACTUALLY I am doing better than I have ever done.  THAT is what they are saying. THAT is their TOTAL 100% argument against Obama. Rationally those statements cannot exist. But they repeat them time after time after time as their talking points.  And they just…are…not….true.

 Anything else I can help explain for you?

Ten Ways Socialism is NOT Killing the Private Sector

Monday, February 6th, 2012

If real life is any example, the answer is a resounding “No!” Socialism has been a part of American life for as long as America has been a country. Socialism has been surviving alongside capitalism. In recent years, capitalists have gotten very clever at competing in a socialist market. Here are just a few examples:

  1. The Post Office – Argue the success of the Post Office all you want. It is socialist. Unless my letter absolutely, positively has to be there overnight, I use the Post Office. In fact, I even use it when my letter or package does absolutely, positively have to be there overnight. When corporate America sends me bills, they send them through the Post Office. It’s cheaper than the alternatives, yet, FedEx and UPS are thriving.
  2. Water – The US has one of the largest water treatment system in the US. It is run primarily by the government (aka socialism). Most Americans shower in socialized water. They cook in socialized water. They make their coffee with socialized water. Yet, in 2009, Americans spent over $10 billion in private sector, bottled water.
  3. Social Security – Every American is eligible for Social Security. Americans who can afford it, look to the private sector to help with their retirement. Investments in 401k’s and other private investments are worth trillions of dollars.
  4. National parks – National parks are enjoyed by nearly all Americans. National parks are purely socialist. Private land sales don’t seem to be affected.
  5. Schools – Public schools are socialist. No, that doesn’t mean they are teaching a public agenda. It simply means they are supported by tax dollars. The public has a say in what is taught. Private schools have always existed, they most likely always will.
  6. Universities – Same as above. I don’t think Harvard is having a difficult time competing with the University of Massachusetts and vice versa.
  7. School lunches – Send your kid to school with the lunch you made or give him a couple of bucks for a socialized school lunch. It’s your choice.
  8. Gyms – Most cities have city rec centers. Most cities have multiple private, for profit gyms.
  9. Libraries – Book stores might be suffering, but it’s not because of libraries.
  10. Public health care – Seniors have socialized medicine. They can see nearly any doctor. The VA has socialized medicine. They can also pay to see any doctor they want.

Every successful country in the world operates under a combination of socialism and capitalism. When done properly, they support each other, giving people the best choices for quality and cost efficiency.

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Alabama is chasing immigrants out of their state and THIS is what they get.

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Alabama’s new immigration law aims to make life so difficult for illegal immigrants that they will “self-deport.” And in a way it’s working. Immigrants are fleeing Alabama…but not just the undocumented ones. This and other stories of people living with the unintended consequences of their decisions.

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Why are Obama’s Critics So Dumb? Colbert asks Andrew Sullivan.

Monday, February 6th, 2012

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Chrysler Super Bowl commercial: Was it really pro-Obama?

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Was the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial a boost for President Obama’s reelection campaign? Some happy Democrats thought so after they watched the spot, which features Clint Eastwood talking tough about Detroit and the auto industry’s recovery.

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Karl Rove says he is morally outraged by the ad

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How To Kill The Change We Believe In: California Single Payer is Dead

Monday, February 6th, 2012

This past week these unknowing progressives finally did something that caused real damage to a highly desired outcome. Adopting the tactics of the TeaBaggers, they rallied for the beloved cause of single payer health care – and killed it.

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Jon Stewart talks about the Capitalist system we have being squarely a Kleptocracy with the rich writing their own rules keeping the rest of us out

Monday, February 6th, 2012

In this unedited, extended interview, Yale Professor Jonathan Macey explains why untrained investors should avoid private equity.  Basically they are KEPT OUT unless they meet a monetary yard stick meaning the gates are closed to anyone other than who they approve of.

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Jon Stewart discusses how Mitt Romney made his money using sweetheart deals of lending from the Good Ole Boy Network and spending more on lobbying than they paid in taxes.

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Mitt Romney and all wildly rich people- WELFARE QUEENS!

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Simply put…in dozens of ways…YOU and your money made Mitt Romney rich as you became poor.

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Obama explains the FIRED UP- READY TO GO phrase

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

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How to beat a Ron Paul/ Teaparty/ Republican- Belief or Fact Wrapup 3/3

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

So what is the point of my two posts to your Facebook thingy? The point is when dealing with people who base their reality of the topic on Beliefs…logic goes out the window. You can state facts until you are blue in the face…up is down and the Sun will rise tomorrow….and STILL not get them to agree with you. Often when I talk with Teaparty people on Twitter I revert not to facts but rather emotion and a description of the Teaparty person’s life….and all of our lives here in America. I point out that their Great great great great whomever came here to the USA from some awful place…risking life and limb…so their family could have a better life. That family includes the children of this immigrant…their kids…their kids’ kids and the person I am talking to. So then I ask them how they repay that immigrant for the effort of coming her risking life and limb from wherever? Then how did they repay their great great great and great great and great relatives that worked hard FOR THEM TO SPECIFICALLY have a better life. Sometimes the person I am talking to denies they have a debt to anyone….even family. At that point I realize they have no sense of family or society so it is impossible to talk to them as even their sense of being is nothing more than themselves. Occasionally they realize they RECEIVED from their relatives who have passed on and CANNOT pay back the person that PAID FOR THEM. I point out that they also owe MY RELATIVES who worked with THEIR relatives to make a good nation for both of us to live. Sometimes this Teaparty person gets it. THEN I say…my dear Teaparty friend….imagine you are dead and in a coffin…..around you are your old old old relatives who worked so hard for you…also around you are relatives that have yet to be born for many generations. The very very old people are talking to their children saying how hard they worked and how much money and effort they gave to make America better for them their children….and their grandchildren and so on to the Teaparty person I am talking to. the elders are all agreing that the younger people cannot pay them back….andthe answer to the payback dilemma is to PAY IT FORWARD….as the debt to the elder is impossible to erase. This cascade of work and thanks and urging the young one to PAY IT FORWARD would continue until the Teaparty person I am talking to. At that point the Teaparty person I am talking to would tell their older relatives that they owe them NOTHING because contrary to their elder relatives thought on the matter….the Teaparty person owes no one for their life and being. They truly believe there is no debt. The Teaparty person then turns to the young people who have yet to be born and yells WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR YOU!!!! They truly believe they do not have to PAY IT FORWARD. The funeral stops as everyone past and present looks at the Teapaty person who is the link in the chain that stops the chain from going. The chain breaks at the Teaparty person SPECIFICALLY because of their Teaparty beliefs. Society fails with him. It stops. That Teaparty person is known as the WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR YOU relative as everyone else PAID IT FORWARD for the next generation as they realized they benefited from the previous generations.
This occasionally works. It also points out people who are Sociopaths. Both are fun to discover of course. Facts or beliefs. The facts on politics are clear. We owe past relatives….therefore we pay forward and for others today. To deny this is to truly not understand FACTS on how or why you are here. We all owe….which is why we ALL PAY….because we all RECEIVED and continue to do so.

How to beat a Ron Paul/ Teaparty/ Republican- Emotional Based Argument 2/3

Friday, February 3rd, 2012
Teaparty…Republicans….Ron Paul people…Ayn Rand people….

What do they know?

They love Reagan…who was CONTRARY to economically what they claim they are. So this is a BELIEF.
They love Jesus….who was CONTRARY to socially what they claim they are. So this is a BELIEF.
They love Ayn Rand…who HATED Jesus. So this is a BELIEF
They love handouts and have taken many….but dont want to pay for your handout.
And really they do not know HOW they got to where they are today because once they realize how much they relied on me and you it becomes clear they NEEDED us…and they see they TOOK an awful lot from us. Which is contradictory to their beliefs of life.
They have BELIEFS of life because to KNOW how life works is to realize the Ayn Rand/ Teaparty/ Ron Paul/ Republican concepts simply do not work because we are all in SOCIETY and we all TAKE and GIVE to society. We all do and we all need to give and take. But theirs is to NOT give…but only take. As the man screamed at me as he ran up to me outraged a LIBERAL would be at their Teaparty event…he screamed SCREAMED with spittle fkying from his mouth and he seemed like he was going to do something to me….he screamed, “WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR YOU?” I simply answered him, “Because I paid for you.” We talked for more than an hour and thething that was telling was the he NEVER told me what he did. I told him…buthe would not even tell me the AREA of his work. The only thing I could come up with was that he…obviously well educated….was a banker investor of some sort. And this was just months after a totally Socialistic bailout of his industry that followed his economic thought. There he was yelling at me…for making him pay for me. When in fact I paid for his bailout. There he was as a Teaparty leader manning his desk in the park handing out flyers and supporting the other people at their event in the park…. WHEN HE WAS THE BIGGEST SOCIALIST I HAVE EVER SEEN OR WILL EVER SEE….there he was. He yelled at me because he had to pay taxes for roads and schools. Typical Ron Paul Teabagger guy.

We spoke for OVER an hour as he calmed down…and at the end I followed him 20 feet to his bicycle and stuck out my hand and tried to shake his hand telling him basically thanks for the fun discussion. He WOULD NOT SHAKE MY HAND. I said again and walked closer to him….SHAKE my hand we just spoke for an hour and I had fun talking to you….nothing….he shook his head and walked away.

The above happened in San Mateo Central Park on July 4th, 2008 and was just….stunning to me. The old guy there talking to me for 1 minute threatened me by bringing back his fist like he was going to punch me. Typical. He had BELIEFS that could not be supported by his facts…simple things too…so he ws going to punch me in the face andhe pulled his fist back.

I bet they booed the GOLDEN RULE the other night….

How to beat a Ron Paul/ Teaparty/ Republican- Fact based argument 1/3

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

?1- In 2007 Republicans said the downturn in the economy “was in your head” and there was no downturn. This was said clearly by Phil Gramm. So Republicans denied the downturn for quite a while….just like Climate Change…until the evidence was overwhelming that we were being killed by it. So the response by Republicans was not until we began drowning in red. Republicans had built their economic house and tax cuts were their only plays..and it failed. Because they were wrong.

2- Bush had his economic policy in full effect and the result was economic catastrophe. There is no way around it that Republicans claimed since Reagan that tax cuts solved EVERYTHING. Remember that prior to 9/11 Bush only cut taxes and really nothing else and his support was dropping because he was literally doing nothing else. So we have the Bust Tax Cuts AND we have massive job loss. that contradicts EVERY economic theory of Republicans and Ron Paul people. Taxes for the rich were lower than they were in decades but they obviously were not hiring anyone. The fact is that the economy is driven by AVERAGE people having extra money in their pocket and spending it. Rich people (like Mittens) can offshore cash which kills the economy….they can invest abroad which kills the economy…a third thing they can do is hoard cash which is the most common and kills the economy….or the fourth thing super rich can do with their cash is invest in business. But why would you EVER EVER invest when your customers stopped buying your goods? So the entire Republican economic Trickle Down theory (VooDoo Economics) has played out perfectly WRONG as business NEEDS MASSES TO BUY THEIR THINGS. Tax cuts DO NOT make jobs when NO JOBS ARE NEEDED to fill ORDERS. Anyone contradicting this has never run a business as I have. When customers stop buying you LAY OFF PEOPLE…as we did….. and any tax cut we were given was FOOLISH to hire people as we were meeting our sales with fewer workers….as we did. there were no options for us and it is as simple as that. for us to hire person #5 when 4 people could do the job that would be stupid for us business wise….and we were getting tax breaks and writeoffs. Trickle Down was proven a FAILURE.

3. This concept of Trickle Down is part of the TWO SANTA CLAUS theory. Republicans were sick of being called Scrooge as the Dems passed social Security Medicare Labor Laws etc. the response was the Two Santa Clause theory simply explained here as it was developed on the back of a cocktail napkin.

4- the Stimulus worked. Over 100 Republicans cut ribbons and took the glory of bringing programs to their home district and they took the glory FOR THE STIM THEY JUST VOTED AGAINST. Rick Perry for instance took $17Billion in Stim dollars and was begging for more Obama Dollars when his state was burning last summer. Funny how Republicans beg for Socialism when they need it. check out the media reports of over 100 Republicans taking glory for STIMULUS PROGRAMS they voted against. They LOVED the STIMULUS but voted against it and called it Socialism. BUT IT WORKED….the only problem was that it was not big enough in the area that worked and it was too big in the area that it failed to work.

5- The Stimulus would have worked BETTER…when coupled with the simple logic above…if money (in the form of JOBS) were given to average people. HOWEVER 40% of the Stimulus was TAX CUTS. AGAIN above we learned that tax cuts GIVEN TO ME AS I DIRECTED MY COMPANY would not have made me hire one person as my sales were met with my present workforce. IF I was meeting my sales goals with 4 people why on EARTH would I ever hired person #5 regardless the tax breaks I have????? So the tax cut portion of the Stimulus which was 40% of the total WAS A TOTAL WASTE OF CASH only driving debt deeper….and no jobs were had from that part of the Stimulus.

6- Corporate profits are higher than they have EVER BEEN….EVER EVER EVER!!!!! What dont Republicans get about that? Business is so scared of Obama they are MAKING RECORD PROFITS. Only a FOOL says businesses are scared since their profits are higher than ever. you want to drive profits even higher????? REDISTRIBUTE INCOME!!!!! If we were to give working people a pay raise they would spend it on food and couches and pants and shoes and simple things….thereby making facotories make more of those goods to replace them in stores. It is so simple. But Republicans want millionaires to have MORE cash…BUT THEY DONT NEED MORE WORKERS!!!! So they hoarde cash or offshore it or invest it in other nations.

7- Personal taxes are LOWER THAN UNDER REAGAN. Reagan even complained that millionaires should not pay less in taxes than a bus driver. REAGAN was too much of a Socialist than Republicans of today. Actually this has been ANOTHER successful Stimuls project. FICA TAXES have been cut i half and given people basically $1000 per year more in their paychecks. Republicans are getting this too….so they are paying off bills or buying more things…so THIS STIM WORKED FOR REPUBICANS TOO. HAHAH It is so funny to hear how OBama has failed…yet Republicans have had $1000 more intheir pay….which was WAY WAY more than Bush EVER gave them in the Bush Taxes and actually under Romney people making up to about $50,000 will PAY MORE IN INCOME TAX even after FICA is normalized again at 7.25%. Republicans HUGELY FAIL here as well.

8- People in nations abroad see Republicans and they laugh at them. They laugh OUT LOUD at Republicans!!!!! People around the world cannot believe these people that deny science and deny simple economics are allowed to vote let alone GET ELECTED in our nation. Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for a couple reasons and one of them was that the world was thanking Americans for getting rid of the Bush nightmare policies. America is part of the world…America is part of humanity…Republicans try to deny it and say they dont want to be “French” but when it comes down to it we are DEAD as a nation without them and other nations and they are dead without us…meaning we are them and they are us. The concept of HUMANITY and SOCIETY is denied by the science deniers but without me….there is no YOU and I need you too….that is a fact!!! Republicans are just wrong at every level on simply everything and see conspiracy behind every BUSH. They are not rich yet they vote for policies that economically kill themselves. They say they are NOT RICH YET…oh my DOG! And they STILL GET ELECTED???? What is WRONG with these people?

Why The NFL And The Super Bowl Are A Lot Like Socialism, By Bill Maher

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Would you believe “60 Minutes” and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell?

Segment on Jan 29,2012 where Steve Kroft interviewed the commissioner:

KROFT: Under league rules, the teams are required to share most of the revenue with each other, which is always a sticking point with some of the most successful franchises, and the more politically conservative owners. I mean, that’s socialism, isn’t it, Mr. Commissioner?

GOODELL: It is a form of socialism. And it’s worked quite well for us. So we try to combine socialism and capitalism. How can we socialize by sharing our revenue in a way that will allow every team the ability to compete.

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Ezra Klein posted about the Bush Tax Cuts and the debt and Republicans proved his point that the Bush Tax Cuts add Trillions to deficit

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Keith Hennessey, who led the National Economics Council in the final years of George W. Bush’s presidency, thinks my analysis of the deficits caused by Obama’s presidency should have included two further items: The likely extension of most of the Bush tax cuts, and everything else.

The Bush tax cuts were far and away the most difficult question we faced when preparing the analysis of Obama’s deficits. As I wrote in the original column, the underlying idea was to construct a comprehensive database of every policy Obama himself had passed. That meant creating a baseline that held everything that predated Obama constant. That’s easy enough to do for almost any policy you can think of. Any policy, that is, but the Bush tax cuts.

The problem is that the Bush tax cuts predate Obama but were set to expire on his watch. So is extending the status quo a new policy decision? Or is it sticking to the baseline, and thus budgetarily costless?

I chose to make it a new policy decision. In 2010, Obama chose to extend the Bush tax cuts for two years. Ignoring the $620 billion in debt that that decision incurred was, I thought, unacceptable. But Hennessey wants me to go further: He wants me to assume the extension of most of the Bush tax cuts through 2017

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Chris Matthews has an epic rant on the Romney campaign

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

There are times when even the most professional media talent just gets fed up with the people they’re paid to talk about. That was obviously the case with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews the night of the Florida GOP Primary:

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Obama quotes Jesus and sets himself apart from anti-Christian right wingers

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

The concept of helping the poor was talked about by Jesus more than anything else.  Teaparty people who wrap themselves in the flag and the Bible now say helping people is bad. 

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Alan Greenspan now says taxes need to be RAISED on the rich

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The guy that said we NEEDED tax breaks for the rich now says the rich need to be taxed more.  Alan Greenspan also said Trickle Down Economics FAILED…because they did not take personal greed into account. So really the political view of tax cuts for the rich has been abandoned by the people that came up with the concept because it failed.

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