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Americans truly are stupid when it comes to ObamaCare. When polled they approve individual parts of ObamaCare

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Americans are stupid.  Period.

When asked about “OBAMACARE” they oppose it.  However when they are asked about the individual parts making up ObamaCare they approve them.  The one that is not approved is the Individual Mandate.  The Individual Mandate is the ONLY ONLY WAY that Americans can strike a deal with the Private For Profit Health Insurance corporations to have people with pre existing conditions covered.  THAT is why you with acne will not be turned down for your arm getting chopped off.  So Americans say they want the parts of ObamaCare but not ObamaCare.  THAT is how dumb Americans are.

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American Fascist; Showing how the religious zealots are everything they hate and they are detrimental to themselves and our nation

Friday, March 30th, 2012

What if they got what they wanted? What if people who didn’t think like them were exiled from America? That would include all the atheists. That would include most of the scientists. Once upon a time, the German leadership couldn’t tolerate people like Einstein. I hate to sound cliche, but it seems as though these modern so-called religious far right “Conservatives” have learned nothing from history.

I think that it’s probably lack of imagination that would cause someone to want everyone around them to be just like them. That would become a nightmare, no matter who you are.

Just imagine the kind of people it would take to want words like “tolerance” and “diversity” to become BAD words.

They’re waging a war against anything that is not them, and they will use any means necessary to win this culture war, which includes lying and rewriting history. They don’t want to “bring back” America. They want an America that never was.

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Romney inadvertantly explained why ObamaCare is the way to go.

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Mitt Romney was on Jay Leno last night. In his interview he inadvertantly explained precisely why America needs ObamaCare.
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So really if Jay was smart he would have said this-
Mitt…it seems to me that the health care problem in America is a math problem. The basis for the problem is that we have someone without insurance….and they get sick. However the outcome we WANT is for them to be healthy. Now…inbetween that person must ADD health CARE. This care revolves around paying for it. We can either have that person pay for it or possibly be subsidized if he has no money. THAT would be ObamaCare providing a sensible payment option for the sick person.
The other option is the TeabaggerCare options being-
That person will simply not have payment….leading to death or his being more sick or….
The person could beg for help from donations however those donations may stop or not be there at all so the possibility of his being sicker or dead is much more likely.
Or the person is treated and declares bankruptcy. This moves the cost to the rest of us and due to the fact that paying for health care without a plan is the most expensive way to pay for care…this cost passed to the rest of us is the highest costs to us.
So the basis of the formula would be
(Person + Sickness – insurance) + X = HEALTHY
The options we have
(Person + Sickness – insurance) + nothing = HEALTHY
This formula makes no sense in the real world so this formula does not add up. This is often what people have today which is why 30,000 to 50,000 people per year die without health care or delayed health care. The rest of us pay the greatest cost under this payment plan.
(Person + Sickness – insurance) + begging for donations = HEALTHY
This formula may or may not work since donations hinge on people giving which those people may or may not give that donation. This high probability of stopping of donations to your collection fund results in a higher chance of being unhealthy or death. Actually this is Ron Paul’s concept of health care is you don’t have health insurance in that he is sure that donations…from somewhere…will magically appear when you are sick and this magical money is something you should rely on. Ron Paul obviously enjoys gambling that the donations will be there. This is the coffee can at 7-11 or bake sale to pay for someone’s health treatment.
(Person + Sickness – insurance) + ObamaCare = HEALTHY
This would see the person with insurance….which is a way to pay for health CARE…resulting in odds that see the persom more likely to be healthy. This solves the issue of the person being without insurance and then when they are sick they seek insurance. Having insurance also makes it likely the person would have preventative care so the sickness will most likely be found earlier…resulting in the sickness being most likely cured earlier. This is also the cheapest way for the rest of us to pay for the person who does not have the money to pay their own medical bills.
The math does not work with our present system because right now the person that lacks insurance depends on begging or has nothing. ObamaCare assists the uninsured to have insurance which raises the odds of being made healthy and contributing to society as their health improves and their care is paid for logically. The math is simple and Romney was DEAD RIGHT! Someone who finds out they are sick better have insurance prior to that because under our system if someone finds out they are sick and THEN they go looking for health insurance….that formula simply does not work.
Of course this works because we are saddled with a failed medical payment concept of having to be insured by private corporations….but since Single Payer (the most logical and cheapest way to pay for the uninsured) is off the table then this incremental adjustment to the For Profit Health Insurance industry is the best way to go. That is ObamaCareS. When someone goes bankrupt due to health costs or dies due to lack of adequate medical care….that is called TeabaggerCare.

Pelosi Floor Speech in Opposition to Republican Bill Repealing Health Reform Provision

Monday, March 26th, 2012

“Thank you Madam Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding, I appreciate his leadership on helping us honor what our founders put forth, in our founding documents, which is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and that is exactly what the Affordable Care Act helps to guarantee. A healthier life, the liberty to pursue happiness free of the constraints that lack of health care might provide to families. If you want to be a photographer, a writer, an artist, a musician, you can do so. If you want to start a business, if you want to change jobs, under the Affordable Care Act, you have that ability – that liberty to pursue your happiness. And so, that is why I’m so pleased that this week we can celebrate the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

“And I want to mention some of the provisions that are in it. But not before mentioning that the legislation on the floor today [which] is a feeble attempt to unravel legislation that makes a big difference in the lives of American families. You be the judge: if you’re a family with a child with asthma, diabetes, bipolar, has a preexisting medical condition – up until this bill, your child could be discriminated against, for life, of ever receiving affordable health insurance and therefore, care. But already, even though the full thrust of the law does not take place until 2014, right away, no child in America can be denied health coverage because of a preexisting condition. And soon all Americans will have that same protection.

“For the first time in American history, millions of American women and seniors have access to free preventive health services. Services that prevent – that are early intervention to detect a possible illness in a person. 86 million Americans have already received key preventive health benefits under the law. And more than five million seniors have saved over $3.2 billion in prescription drug expenses. Already, $3.2 billion in prescription drug benefits because of provisions in the law that are already in effect. So if you’re a senior, and your caught in the donut hole, you are already benefiting from this law. And that’s what the Republicans are trying to take away from you, from your family, from your life, from your liberty, from your pursuit of happiness.

“The last point about seniors and prescription drugs is particularly important because it fits in with our consistent commitment, from day one, as authors of Medicare in the ‘60s, it fits with our consistent commitment to always strengthen Medicare for American seniors, never weaken it. Indeed, as I mentioned, Democrats created Medicare, sustained Medicare, and Democrats will always protect Medicare – even from language that is so misleading as to make one wonder.

“Republicans on the other hand have voted to end Medicare. End the Medicare guarantee. They have said that their goal for Medicare is for it to ‘wither on the vine.’ And tonight’s legislation is a part of the withering on the vine. It’s important for you to know that if you care about Medicare, if you depend on Medicare – this is the wither on the vine scenario.

“In fact yesterday, Republicans released their budget – which would end the Medicare guarantee, shift costs to seniors, and the guarantee. What does that mean? Shift costs to seniors – perhaps up to $6,400 dollars from most seniors, a year and again, let Medicare wither on the vine.

“That’s why today’s legislation is such a cynical political ploy – and I know that America’s seniors will not be fooled by it.

“Today, Republicans have brought to the floor legislation to repeal what is known as ‘[IPAB],’ the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Independent of political influence over decision that are made. This piece of the legislation was to bend the curve – to reduce the cost of health care in America. Republicans are desperate to distract seniors from their real record on Medicare. And that’s what they’re trying to do today. I say that without any fear of contradiction, without any hesitation, because nothing less is at stake than the well-being of our seniors. Their personal health. Their economic health. And that means their security.

“Further, in this bill, Republicans have recycled their old medical malpractice liability legislation that undermines states’ rights and hurts the rights of injured patients to obtain just compensation. I can put more in the record but I’ll just say this: because of the impact on America’s states of what they’re trying to do in this bill, the bipartisan, and I repeat, bipartisan National Conference of State Legislatures has strongly opposed this bill. That bipartisan group says, that after a careful review, it had reached ‘the resounding bipartisan conclusion,’ their words, that ‘federal medical malpractice legislation is unnecessary.’

“Again, Madam Speaker, this week we celebrate the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act for what it embodies. It’s about innovation. It’s about not just health care in America, but a healthier America. It’s about prevention innovation. It’s about customized, personalized care. It’s about electronic medical records. It’s about lowering costs, expanding access and improving quality. So much misleading information is put out there about it that it’s important to keep repeating the difference, the transformative nature of the legislation, in fact has already begun to transform the lives of America’s children by saying: ‘no longer will they be denied coverage because they have a preexisting medical condition.’ And soon we can fully say that ‘no longer being a woman is a preexisting medical condition’ where women are discriminated against to the tune of a billion dollars a year in cost of premiums, not to mention exclusion from obtaining coverage.

“And so, I proudly celebrate the two year anniversary and I emphatically oppose the legislation on the floor.

“If you want to unravel Medicare, vote aye. If you want to support Medicare, you think health care is a right for the many, not just a privilege for the few, vote no.”

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Charter Schools Are Not the Silver Bullet

Monday, March 26th, 2012

In recent years, major studies suggest that, on the whole, charter schools are producing worse educational achievement results than traditional public schools. For example, a landmark study from Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes discovered that while 17 percent of charter schools “provide superior education opportunities for their students,” a whopping “37 percent deliver learning results that are significantly worse than their students would have realized had they remained in traditional public schools.” Likewise, the National Center for Education Statistics found that charter school students performed significantly worse on academic assessments than their peers in traditional public schools.

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The Hunger Games is real and is happening today

Monday, March 26th, 2012

The Hunger Games is a represenation of the top 1% using the bottom 99% do all their work for them.  The 1% use fear of themselves dying or their children dying plus the hope that they will live in order to keep social control of the working commoners.  This is just like the control religion and Conservative politics has… which is obvious by conservatives mocking the concept of hope while threatening war with Iran today and Iraq a few years ago and religion using the all knowing/seeing Jeebus watching and judging you.  Also the splitting of society is a huge issue in the movie in that the different Districts are pitted against one another.  This is the use of WEDGE ISSUES such as religion/non relion or gay/non-gay or regional differences or people of different color and even the different sexes as we see in the news today.  Republicans like to describe a “Real America” which is the Republican voting area of course while the non-American Americans are Liberals looking to better the plight of minorities and the poor. 

Without a benevolent hand redistributing social and economic power this is what you get.  Because really…how is the Hunger Games not happening now?  50,000,000 people do not have afordable health care…45,000,000 are in need of Food Stamps…and the big news of the day is Abortion and Contraceptives?  The reversal of reality in the Hunger Games had the people about to die dressed up and put on a game show…..they were given a short time to see the magnificent chandaliers and so on prior to their being killed.  This reversal of facts is nothing more than the people screaming for prolife issues while they are for war and against health care for all as they wrap themselves in Jesus.
The Hunger Games is real…and happening now.

18-26 year olds only age group that sees uninsured rate drop…thanks to ObamaCare

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Twenty-four percent of Americans aged 18 to 26 were uninsured in January through April of this year, down from 28% in 2010, and fewer than in 2009 and 2008. Americans in this age group became eligible to remain on their parents’ health insurance plans under a provision of the new healthcare law that began in September 2010.

Previously, 18- to 26-year-olds were the most likely of all age groups to be uninsured. Those aged 27 to 35 have now taken that place. Additionally, the percentage of uninsured in every age group — except 18- to 26-year-olds — has so far in 2011 increased or remained unchanged.

More 18- to 26-year-olds now say they get their healthcare coverage through “something else” other than an employer or the government. This could be the result of more young adults now being covered under their parents’ plans, having a private health plan, or getting coverage through their college or university.

This age group is also more likely to have government health insurance — Medicare, Medicaid, or military/veterans’ benefits — so far in 2011 compared with the prior three years.

There has been little change in the percentage of 18- to 26-year-olds who get healthcare from an employer since 2010.

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Republican Congressman Tells Women At Equal Rights Rally To Support Democrats

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

On Thursday during a rally in support of the Equal Rights Amendment, GOP Rep. Richard Hanna of New York told the women in attendance to throw their support to Democratic candidates if they want their rights protected.

“I think these are very precarious times for women, it seems. So many of your rights are under assault,” Hanna told the female dominated crowd, according to The Huffington Post. “I’ll tell you this: Contribute your money to people who speak out on your behalf, because the other side — my side — has a lot of it. And you need to send your own message. You need to remind people who you vote, you matter, and that they can’t succeed without your help. This is a dogfight, it’s a fistfight, and you have all the cards. I can only tell you to get out there and use them. Tell the other women, the other 51 percent of the population, to kick in a few of their bucks. Make it matter, get out there, get on TV, advertise, talk about this. The fact that you want [the ERA] is evidence that you deserve it and you need it.”

Most Republicans have tried to spin their war on women as something imagined by Democrats, but that’s not the case. The GOP is simply full of damn liars who want nothing more than to take a hatchet to women’s rights in the effort to make women subservient to men. To most Republicans, women shouldn’t have a say in anything, and Richard Hanna understands this. That’s why he is rebelling against his own party. And Hanna can’t exactly call himself a moderate either. He votes with his party 85% of the time, opposes the Affordable Care Act, and is a member of the Cato Institute and the NRA. So if an entrenched Republican is outraged at the GOP for the war on women, you know that the Republican Party has gone way too far.

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The cost of gasoline around the world

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

From $9.00 to a dime…the cost of gas around the world

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What do world leaders think of the Teaparty and Sarah Palin types?

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

The President of Ireland unloads on Teaparty Teabaggers in no uncertain words for being so anti-average people.

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Several reasons why the world thinks Americans are nuts

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

This week the Georgia State Legislature debated a bill in the House that would make it necessary for some women to carry stillborn or dying fetuses until they ‘naturally’ go into labor. In arguing for this bill Representative Terry England described his empathy for pregnant cows and pigs in the same situation.

I have a question for Terry England, Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and too many others: I have three daughters, two of them twins. If one of my twins had been stillborn would you have made me carry her to term, thereby endangering both the other twin and me? Or, would you have insisted that the state order a mandatory fetal extraction of the living twin fetus from my womb so that I could continue to carry the stillborn one to term and possibly die myself? My family is curious and since you believe my uterus is your public property, I am, too.

Mr. England, unlike the calves and pigs for which you expressed so much empathy, I am not a beast of burden. I am a woman and I have these human rights:

The right to life.
The right to privacy.
The right to freedom.
The right to bodily integrity.
The right to decide when and how I reproduce.

Mr. England, you and your friends do not get to trade these rights, while “dog and hog hunting,” in return for a young man’s chickens.

My human rights outweigh any you or the state corruptly and cynically seek to assign to a mass of dividing cells that will eventually turn into a ‘natural’ person. Personhood-for-zygote based bills and related legislation, like Georgia’s and hundreds of others, bills and laws that criminalize pregnancy and abortion and penalize women for being women, violate my human rights.

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Republican admits Solyndra investigation is a witch hunt

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

After months of investigations into Solyndra and other Department of Energy loans failed to produce a smoking gun, one Republican lawmaker let slip why House Republicans have kept up the charge.

In an interview following yet another hearing in which Energy Secretary Steven Chu testified about the Department’s loan guarantee program, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) appeared to admit that Republicans’ ongoing probes of the program — from which the bankrupt California-based solar company Solyndra and others benefited — are largely a play to win votes in November.

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Is Obama really spending and regulating more?

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

One of the big, ongoing criticisms of Obama from conservatives is the claim that the Obama administration has imposed heavy handed regulation. This has supposedly caused considerable uncertainty in the business community, and this is holding back the recovery.

But is it true that the administration has imposed more regulations that, say, the Bush administration? Cass Sunstein, the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, makes the case in the Chicago Tribune that the evidence doesn’t support this assertion:

Contrary to a widespread misconception, and in part as a result of close attention to empirical evidence, there has been a decrease, not an increase, in federal rulemaking during this administration. During the first three years of the Obama administration, the number of final rules reviewed by OIRA and issued by executive agencies was actually lower than during the first three years of the Bush administration.



It’s important to realize that Cass Sunstein is serving at the behest of the president, but the evidence appears to be carefully assembled. The claim that the administration has been on a regulation binge, and that this has stifled the recovery has been effective politically, but appears to have little basis in reality.

What about the claim made by Romney and others that the Obama administration has engaged in out of control spending? Is that true?

This chart of spending by president shows that Obama is actually the least spendthrift of recent presidents:

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