Discredited anti-gay crusader is….what…take a guess….

He is gay.
What a shocker!!!!
A pathologically anti-gay Don Quixote is gay. Not a shock to anyone.
There are so many on the Right that are wildly anti-gay and they are creeping out from the rocks they normally creep around under following Obama’s accepting of gay marriage statement. These people should be branded with the word FREUD across their foreheads. They are so textbook and so easily seen through. Some are even calling Obama gay.
This announcement by Obama is truly kicking off a huge Civil Rights movement that the nation has needed for a while which is ANOTHER great action by him for society at large. Would this happen or anything happen like this with a Teabagger Congress or President? No. THERE…that is CHANGE you can believe in.
FREEDOM…like those horrible Teabaggers hollowly screech…but this action and statement by Obama and eventual movement for society actually fulfills the word FREEDOM. This is a BFD to ironically quote Vice President Joe Biden.
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