Washington County GOP chairman resigns after taking hits for email attacking Democrats as communists

Gary Bray, the newly elected Washington County Republican chairman, resigned his post just hours after The Oregonian published a controversial email in which he accused Democrats of seeking “utopian enslavement.”

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But prior to his firing was his hiring

Bray has long been known for his outspoken comments, both in a blog and in a book, “Brayn Food: For the Tea Patriot Hungry for the Truth,” which he self-published in 2010.

Greg Leo, the chief of staff for the Oregon Republican Party, said Bray’s remarks do not represent the views of the party or the GOP state central committee.

“We do not endorse or support what he is saying,” said Leo. “Those are his beliefs, not the party’s.”

Some Republican precinct workers who received the missive said they were concerned that Bray’s comments didn’t help the GOP’s effort to expand it’s support in Washington County — which has become more Democratic over the last decade.

Bray refused to talk with me about the email, saying I was biased. “I will talk to somebody else for The Oregonian,” he said.

Here’s the email — which Bray says in the subject line is the “Report from the Chairman” — in its entirety:

This is the way Democrats think

Liberalism is an atheistic cult. The DNC is actually communism wrapped in their liberal religion to mask the fact they are attempting to create their utopian enslavement. The first thing Communists want is to take God out of all government institutions such as schools and government to be replaced with secularism. Secularism is an atheistic belief which replaces the Bible’s Ten Commandments and teachings of honesty and integrity with moral relativism. One can lie, cheat and steal if the end justifies the means. This gives the government officials, elitists and leaders free reign to make up morality as they see fit and declare what is right and wrong. Rather than having personal morality or responsibility they believe in a social morality allowing them to live an immoral personal life and having it absolved through social morality.

The Democrats have replaced personal morality with social morality which means to be a good person you no longer have to worry about your personal failings but your societal failings. This allows you to put the social good in front of your personal responsibilities to make yourself a good person. You can be a drug addict, leave your family in shambles or steal from your boss but, as long as you drive a Prius and are concerned about polar bears, you are a good person. You can live any immoral lifestyle you want and, as long as you believe in Social Justice, you are a saintly person in their belief system. This is where the cult lifestyle comes in since you have to take God out of your life and replace it with social morality to work yourself into goodness. Liberals earn their way into their heaven of a perfect liberal.

Liberalism is a Godless religion whose High Priests are scientists. Since they don’t believe in God or a superior being the only people who can explain; existence or truth are scientists. They won’t accept the “myth” of creation so they have to have the scientist explain our coming to being through evolution. According to evolution the top of the evolutionary chain is man which means that the only thing superior to man is a more intelligent man or a group of men together like government or science. That should disprove their theory right there.

Story is located here

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