What if buying a gun had the restrictions that abortions have been handed lately

From the Stephanie Miller Facebook page-
From Listener Judi (Had lots of requests to post this):

Gun owners keep saying you can’t compare driving & insuring a car to gun ownership and I agree.

Gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right, but so is my right to an abortion! In state after state my constitutional right to an abortion is being severely restricted. So why can’t we impose those same restrictions on gun owners in sta

tes that choose to do so?

1. There will be only one place in the state where you can buy a gun.

2. Once you arrive at the state’s one gun store, you will be required to walk past a gauntlet of anti-gun protesters.

3. Once inside, you will fill out all the paperwork which includes every detail of your personal information and then wait 72 hours “to think about your decision” before actually being allowed to purchase the gun.

3. You will be shown a graphic video of people of all ages who have been injured or killed by gunshot wounds while having a state licensed agent explain to you the dangers of guns along with the statistics for gun injury and deaths.

4. You will submit to a mental health “sonogram”, otherwise known as an evaluation.

5. Finally, when you return in 72 hours, you will again walk past the gauntlet of anti-gun protesters when you arrive to pick up your gun and again when you leave with your gun.

6. you will submit to rules 1-5, EVERY TIME you want to purchase a gun.

From the Stephanie Miller radio show.

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