Rick Perry is a wild Socialist

When it comes to Socialism for YOU Rick Perry is against it.
But when it is for HIM….well….you better get cracking with writing those checks!!!!!  PRONTO!!!!
If asked about Rick Perry being a Socialist I am sure his supporters say he is not a Socialist at all. Rick Perry is a strong Socialist in action…despite saying Socialism is bad. Perry and elected officials like him decrying Socialism are either liars who say one thing and do another …idiots who truly do not know what they are saying…or they play their supporters for idiots who don’t know much at all. Which is it? Socialism doesn’t work in Texas unless it is for explosions, fires, helping the poor, massive water projects, highways and Defense Department spending and 10000 other things. Unbelievable.
They are saying NO to everything Obama wants but they demand he ay YES to everything they want.
So who is the fool….him or his supporters…or both….or WE that have to support him despite his being against that support?
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