Stewart Slams ‘Broken Bad’ Senate for Failure to Pass Gun Regulation

Jon Stewart took our “broken bad” Senate and their failure to pass even some watered down gun regulation to task during the opening segment of The Daily Show this Thursday night. Stewart also took a page out of Chris Hayes’ book, going after them for being willing to move heaven and earth to combat terrorism, while pretending there’s no point in even passing any laws if criminals are just going to break them when it comes to guns.

After showing a portion of Hayes show comparing the number of terror vs gun fatalities in the United States, here’s how Stewart wrapped things up.

STEWART: Well, thank God for Chris Hayes, because I’m not good at math. I’m so stupid. I still think 54 votes is more than 46, because I’m a f**king idiot. But I’m pretty sure that a million is more than 3400, and yet, to battle the evil of terror, we started two wars, tortured people, reorganized almost the entire federal government, disallowed the air trafficking of shampoo and conditioner and okay’d the robot sky killing of American citizens, if warranted by… someone.

Because one American life lost to terror is one too many, which I agree with. But it seems to me we’ll move heaven and earth to do whatever it takes to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of foreigners who might kill our citizens, because apparently we think killing our citizens, is our job.

John Oliver continued the theme in the following segment, where he made a complete mockery of the Virginia Citizens Defense League’s President, Philip Van Cleave, who was attempting to make many of the same arguments as those Senators, despite the fact that, as Oliver pointed out to him, Australia has proven that gun regulation can prevent mass shootings and gun deaths.

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