The Sequester is going to hurt friends of mine and it will hurt YOU too.


 Below is a letter a friend of mine wrote concerning his being laid off as a result of The Sequester.  There are countless important jobs that people in the public sector do ranging from police to fire to the FAA and one important job area is definitely the National Weather Service.  Basically the interior 1/3 of the nation is susceptible to tornados or violent weather in a moment’s notice.  The Eastern 1/3 of the nation is liable to see weather ranging from hurricanes to serious storms while the Western 1/3 of the nation is liable to see severe heat.  The whole nation is at the mercy of weather systems.  Because of The Sequester we are being forced to lay off the people that keep a vigilant eye on what is going on above us. 

The money that these community’s economies will miss out on is in the billions as these people will most likely cut back on every type of consumer goods resulting in more layoffs in their town.  The services that these workers provide will be missed as their remaining workers shoulder the rest of the tasks and as a result the remaining workers are more likely to make simple mistakes resulting in big problems for people across the nation. 
Here is my friend Dave explaining very clearly and concisely the seriousness he takes his job and the result that we Americans will see because of his National Weather Service co-workers being laid off.  The Sequester is going to hurt Dave and it will hurt you as well.

My name is Dave M, and I am the National Weather Service Employees Organization (NWSEO) member at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Pueblo, CO. The employees I represent, along with myself, will be among the 12,000 employees of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who will be furloughed this summer due to sequestration.

Your local weather forecast office cannot afford any staffing shortages this summer. Summertime in Colorado can have very active thunderstorm weather producing severe hazardous weather including, damaging wind gusts, large hail, tornadoes, and heavy rain. Heavy rain is particularly a dangerous hazard in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and produces flash flooding. Wildfire burn scars, especially the Waldo Canyon Wildfire west of Colorado Spring, will produce flash flooding with just minor amounts of rainfall in a short period of time. Another particularly dangerous hazard is wildfi

res in Colorado.
You may not know this, but routine staffing at your National Weather Service Office is “fair weather staffing”, which means only two forecasters are on duty at any given time. When high impact dangerous weather is forecast, we call in up to 6 additional forecasters to complete the mission. National Weather Service Forecasters routinely work extra hours and/or give up their off hours to work high impact hazardous weather events. However, employees who are in furlough status cannot, by law, be called into work on a day designated for furlough. Therefore, if the furlough day just happens to occur when severe thunderstorms, wildfires, flash flooding, etc is in the forecast, your National Weather Service will be unable to provide the same superior warning services that you, the public, deserve. On-duty National Weather Service forecasters will try their hardest to meet the country’s weather needs, but the furloughs will make that a difficult task.

All National Weather Service offices across the United States will be affected by this furlough.

Just to be clear, I am not doing this because I am losing pay due to the furlough. Rather, I am concerned for the safety of the people that live and work in my area of responsibility. These unnecessary furloughs and budget cuts will reduce our ability to maintain a high level of warning services, ultimately putting you and your loved ones in danger.

Help me protect you, by calling your Senators and Congressional Representative and telling them to end the National Weather Service sequestration.

How to contact your Senator:

How to contact your Congressional Representative:

Thank you, and please share this with everyone you know.

Dave M.


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