Conspiracy Theories are eating the Republican Party alive

Conspiracy Theory-  Definition is here
I hope you can watch this video as Jon Stewart tears into FOX News and Conspiracy Theories.  Video is located here
And Rachel Maddow does the same but different.  Video is located here
Huge list of Benghazi stuff which is quickly turning into the Conspiracy Theory dujour.  Video is located here
Guess who debunked several of the big Conspiracy Theories about Benghazi?  A GOP STAR WITNESS FROM TODAY.  Video is located here
Was there a Benghazi coverup?  The leader of the investigation says not just NO….but emphatically says NO!  Video is located here
Former Presidential Candidate John McCain is in on the Conspiracy Theories too and this is the untruth he has peddled.  Story is located here
For more than a FULL YEAR Fast and Furious was the big Conspiracy Theory of the moment.  Story is located here
Republicans and Democrats respond to facts in a different way.  Story is located here
A very short list of only the craziest Republican Conspiracy Theories.  Story is located here
Just a few more Republican Conspiracy Theories.  Story is located here
This is who the Conspiracy Theories are selling to.  Story is located here
It is insanity.
It is to the bone.
It is the mainstream core of who Republicans are today because what Glenn Beck says is what mainstream Republicans and their elected officials repeat as fact.
We need it to stop because we need them to help America as opposed to hurt America which is what the above does.

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