Huge list supporting the Zeitgeist concept of Horus being precursor of Jesus

Much of this is taken from this posting located here

The documentary Zeitgeist Part 1 Religion which is located here has seen many attempts to debunk it.  The basic logic of religion holds true that every society has its own view of why we are here…who put us here…the mysteries of death and why inexplicable things happen.  The fact is that science has debunked many of these questions and has unveiled the majority of the thought of ancient and present religions as merely fables.  Every major society having its own religion means that the present Western society has its own religion in the form of Christianity.  Christianity tried to answer such questions as they stood originally when The Bible was written but science has debunked many of the basics of The Bible.  The claims are simply not true.  The Bible is simply a book of fables.  To claim it as anything else is just silly.  To hold present society to anything other than sociological memes in The Bible of how one should act is just denying the reality as we know it today…snakes don’t talk, miracles simply don’t happen, people are not raised from the dead, there is no one monitoring your every move at every moment of the day and so many more things.

Zeitgeist has had its detractors but they have been thoroughly debunked as well.  Here is a list of debunking of their attempts to keep the impossible miraculous acts a part of the real world.

Chris White and his ZG Challenge Debunked

Keith “Truth” (TRASH) is a useful idiot (see Keith get caught using a sock puppet account)

Jesus & Horus Parallels and Exposed

‘Zeitgeist Refuted’ by Elliot Nesch, Debunked

What’s even worse than the above Christian apologists are the clueless atheist clowns who regurgitate similar pathetic arguments without realizing it. It’s an embarrassment to freethinkers and atheists:

Conspiracy science aka skeptic project:

Skeptic Project / Con-Sci on ZG1, DEBUNKED

I especially love this post showing the utter ignorance of Ed Winston (Captain Ferseus) and his ‘skeptic Project’ and his claims regarding “Ferseus”

Skeptic Magazine Critique of Zeitgeist Part 1, Debunked

Dawkins tweets Jesus mythicism, Zeitgeist

Richard Carrier on Zeitgeist Part 1

Over 80 Rebuttals to Bart Ehrman’s Anti-Mythicist Book ‘Did Jesus Exist?’

JMichael “Besides, it is not only Acharya S who wrote about the mythical nature of religions.”

That’s true and those who’ve actually read her books already know that she documents the history of their work to examine it for verification and then, build upon it.

The History of Mythicism

Evemerist vs. Mythicist Position

Why I am A Mythicist

The Mythicist Position

Primary sources and scholar commentary on them support ZG1:

Sourcebook (transcript, sources & citations)

Primary Sources & Scholars cited in the ZG1 Sourcebook

Rebuttal to Dr. Chris Forbes

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