Bernie or Bust…is BUST for America

Are Dems perfect?  No.  However…name ONE GOOD THING in America that Republicans have done.  Now name good things that Dems have given us….and you will have every good thing that America has to offer.

I see people say they are not voting for Hillary….yet they voted for Obama twice.  Obama was not a perfect candidate…especially into his second election…however literally hundreds upon hundreds of good things happened solely because we had Obama in office.  If people would have taken the Bernie or Bust view of Obama’s first or second election….we could quite possibly have had McCain/Palin for the first term and possibly the second or another Republican in the second term.  Bernie or Bust would have been BUST FOR AMERICA if they actually carried through with that idea in year’s past.  Actually Bernie or Bust would have seen us miss out on the 2 years of GREAT CONGRESSIONAL ACTION that we had.  Bernie or Bust would have DISMISSED THAT TOTALLY.  We would not have had ANY Dems in office if Bernie or Bust were carried through.

I believe the Bernie or Bust thought is merely ego of the people that want Bernie and the scab is really sore and open now….and I truly believe the vast vast majority of those people will actually vote Hillary once handed a ballot.  I really dont think the Bernie or Bust people who follow through with not voting for Hillary have ever followed politics prior to today or they are not looking at politics in a realistic way….because womens rights…gay rights….rights for black people to be seen as human…health care for mostly all…unemployment insurance….Social Security…clean water/air/food laws…..and EVERY good policy we have today…..they all took time to get due to Conservatives opposing them all….BUT WE GOT THEM….and Democrats voted them all in to law once Republicans got out of the way.  If a Bernie or Bust thought was held up then we would have NONE of them as they ALL took a long long time to achieve.

Do Bernie and Hillary have differences…yes.  However the difference between Hillary and Bernie is a little bit while the difference between Hillary and Trump is miles.

 Please list the major policy areas in which Hillary and Trump are saying the same thing and you get a very very short list.

Bernie or Bust?  Quite the OPPOSITE is what we need.  We need all those people to FLOOD THE ELECTION WITH VOTES and vote for the one of two candidates who actually have a chance to win in the General Election.  Historically young people don’t vote….period.  Historically the poor don’t vote…..period.  If the 99% VOTED……we would have a Bernie EVERY TIME.  AND OF COURSE THE MID TERMS ARE EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT BUT AGAIN PEOPLE DONT VOTE!!!!

So Bernie or bust….is bust because it is discounting the effect of a vote.  It is disenfranchising people from voting when the opposite must be done.  It is saying if I don’t get my way I am going home…..which has NOTHING to do with politics.  It says voting once is all I need to do….when in fact voting EVERY TIME is what needed otherwise we get Republican majority in Congress and then possibly having a Bernie in the White House is worthless…..and again people are dismayed as even Bernie can get nothing done.

Reality says getting things in life often times do not go according to your timetable.

Reality says we will have 2 viable candidates that have a decent chance to win the Presidency.

Reality says there are huge differences between Trump and Hillary’s policies for people.

So you WILL vote….whether you fill in a ballot or not.  Will you vote for a candidate who ADMITS she wants to carry Obama’s third term through and improve on it or do you want Trump?

Reality says you will get Hillary or Trump….period.

Make your choice….using reality….not ego.

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