The Heritage Foundation embarrasses itself with a senseless cartoon

This cartoon really is quite reversed.  First of all it makes me laugh that they say it is a cartoon.  I have seen cartoons before so that added bit of a descriptive is…um…unneeded for anyone who has grown up in he past 200 or some years that we have had cartoons in newspapers. 

Factually the cartoon is incorrect in that the deficit George W. Bush gave us went from 60% of GDP to about 80% of our national GDP.  Ironic that the previously fiscally conservative Republicans turned fiscally WILDLY Liberal in the Reagan era in that post World War 2 the payment of the national debt from World War 2 had been going down steadily in every administration since World War 2.  Reagan brought our national debt from about 30% to about 65% of GDP and this was while our GDP increased those years so the spending went up tremendously.  There are a countless number of directions to go with this topic however the fact is that the national debt Obama has given us has been a direct response to the political direction the nation was sent by George W. Bush and originally by Ronald Reagan as he abandoned all concepts of fiscal conservatism Republicans were defined by in previous administrations.  So the cartoon truly makes no sense…and it actually places our 2 cartoon people in opposite frames if the cartoon were to be truthful.  The basis of comedy is having a grain of truth which this cartoon lacks.  So again…this cartoon lacks…sense and logic.

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