Republicans are trying to kill the internet as we know it

As is the case with everything else, Republicans are trying to sell off the internet so they will personally make more money.  Do you like the internet as it is?  Do you like getting free stuff online like free email, videos or a calendar or having access to news sites from around the world?  Despite the free stuff you get the internet providers and websites are making huge profits.  Your internet provider wants MORE.  The internet as we know it really could be coming to an end quite soon.

The internet now works this way….
You pay for internet service to your house.
Google pays for internet service to their servers and for the bytes they send as video or other computery stuff to you.

Internet providers now want to charge Google (and every other web page and online service) to access you as if you are a salable commodity.  So ISPs want to double charge Google despite Google already paying for their bandwidth that they send onto the internet.  Is Google making money?  Yes!  Is the ISP making money on Google and is the ISP making money on you by using their service?  Yes! But the ISPs want MORE and that means you will have LESS.
If Google (and other websites) is charged to access you then you are going to kiss almost every free service on the internet goodbye and the internet will change drastically from what it is now.  Every other web page and service will either be charged to access you, or their service to you could very well be slowed to a crawl.  Why would it be slowed?  Because the website won’t be paying to access you, despite the fact that they paid THEIR internet provider for the bandwidth they use.  So if your internet provider for instance, wants you to use Yahoo as opposed to Google, they can easily slow all of the bytes from Google in order to urge you to use their Yahoo service which is fast….because Yahoo paid the internet provider.  Also, smaller websites will be charged to access you and if they don’t pay their bytes to you can easily be slowed to a crawl.  If you want to use Google as opposed to Yahoo then you don’t mind waiting 30 seconds for the Google page to load do you?  Or how about if your internet provider takes a political stance and slows all web pages that do not agree with their philosophy?  Or if they want you to use a certain bank they can slow your bank site down drastically so you will want the speed of their bank.  This filtering is very easy to do now.  This is not theoretical; it is easy to do now as China does it to many sites and several internet providers have done it with phone service.

Who is for this change of the internet?  Republicans in Congress are generally for charging websites to access you (despite the sites ALREADY paying for the bandwidth they use) and changing the internet which is called being AGAINST Net Neutrality.  Democrats are generally against charging Google and changing the internet which is called being FOR Net Neutrality
A good net neutrality site is

Finally- who is the fool leading this?  Republican Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska.  I know many people are not very tech savvy but imagine this guy doing anything to your computer let alone controlling your internet service.  Please check out this link, view the video

Ted Stevens’ former colleague makes more from the Cable industry than you made all last year.  The cable industry is AGAINST Net Neutrality

A far better description that what is above is here

John Kerry is FOR Net Neutrality

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