Media just doesn’t get it

And that’s the important part. We don’t have any interest in stories like the Runaway Bride, but if news organizations think they can pay some bills by appealing to the public’s inner voyeurs, that’s their business. Literally. But when they leave stories of actual national significance uncovered, or poorly covered, while devoting massive resources to lurid local crime stories, that’s something we should all care about. That’s something we should reject.  After all, it’s no coincidence that half the country falsely believes that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. When NBC devotes only 27 seconds to a federal court ruling that the Bush administration has been trampling the Constitution, but spends almost eight minutes on JonBenet Ramsey; when The New York Times assigns a couple of reporters to the Bush administration’s illegal actions and more than a dozen to Ramsey; and when CNN ignores the Downing Street memo in favor of the Runaway Bride — should we really be surprised that the public lacks even a basic understanding of the most important issues of our time?

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