Another good look at how the Republican national deficits were PLANNED as a way to see short term political gains

Thom Hartmann lays out how the GOP sees national deficits as a way to see short term economic gains.  Video is here

Which goes along with what NeoCon David Frum says about FOX News.  Video is here

This all goes along with the political theory of 2 Santa Clauses that the GOP saw as a way to get into power in the 70s and stop Democrats from gaining favor when in power.  Story is here

So therefore the concept that the Teabaggers…who are primarily Republican voters are against national deficits shows that they are truly uninformed and misguided by the people who created national debt (and the Teabaggers) for short term gain. DailyKos interviewed Republicans via Research 2000 who FOX News also uses and found the following about Teabaggers.  Story is located here

Reagan created more inter-generational debt than any other President byt the Teabaggers praise Reagan as a God.

So the truth in the GOP and Teabagger world is what?

Are they against deficits?  Then they cannot like Republicans.

Do they love Reagan? Well they cannot as he created more deficits than any other President.

The only answer is that Teabaggers are confused and are being used for political gain…and again short term political gain which does not benefit them.  So….wow are they confused.  Here is the truth for the debt.


And as far as the METHOD of fixing the debt and the total political plan the GOP admits their plan will add MORE DEBT.  Video is located here

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