Net Neutrality is one step closer!!!

Net Neutrality.

The people who don’t get it….REALLY don’t get it.

We currently have no regulations on the internet. Corporations are Internet Service Providers.  Those Corporations are looking to make users go to certain search engines…corporations are looking to skew the speed of pages favoring certain pages and slowing others…corporations are looking to completely stop access to Skype or other services such as Video on Demand and more.  The Internet Service Providers would love to funnel your internet usage to pages THEY want you to use so they can make more money.  Do you WANT to be forced to used AltaVista? Do you WANT to be stopped from using Skype to call people? Do you WANT to have the New York Times load at 1/10th the speed it currently does while the NY Post is given 100% speed?  THAT is what is happening in Canada.  Rogers, the communications giant is degrading the quality of Skype calls NOW. So you are using Skype and after 10 minutes the quality becomes unusable.

What to do?


If the Canadian government were to say Rogers cannot degrade the quality of Skype service, that would open the freedom people have to use the internet services they wish.  It is not just Skype…it is not just internet search…it is everything.  The Bush Administration left it for Obama to clean up the rules of the internet so you CAN use whatever VOIP service or search engine or online page you wish with the full quality of the Internet Provider.

OK right wingers…now tell me regulation is bad.  Imagine your Internet Service Provider turning off YOUR favorite political blog entirely. Regardless the political leaning…EVERYONE NEEDS REGULATION otherwise you are truly at the mercy of the corporation.  This is the base for Progressive thought…and the reverse of allowing corporations to do what they want is the base of Conservative thought. Conservatives do not get it at all and are willingly being bullied by corporations and as we have seen the Teabaggers have been protesting for MORE corporate control of their lives in many areas of their lives.  UN-BELIEVABLE!

Thankfully the Obama Administration is getting close to regulating the internet for the benefit of everyone.

Story…ironically from a right-winger website…is located here.

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