The NY Cordoba House represents Al Quaeda vs Islam and anti-Mosque Teabaggers are siding with Al Quaeda

It can’t be said enough, with all the misinformation out there: Islam doesn’t hate us. This is a battle between al Qaeda and everyone else that doesn’t follow their own narrow vision of Islam, which includes other Muslims. The opposition to the Cordoba House is exactly what al Qaeda wants to see.  Story is located here.

Actually, Cordoba House, the proposed community center is spearheaded not by a “radical Islamist,” but by an Imam named Feisal Abdul Rauf, who previously worked as part of President George W. Bush’s Middle East peace team. Feisal is from the Sufi tradition of Islam — a tradition deemed illegitimate by the thought police of al Qaeda, who adhere to the severe beliefs of the Wahhabi school. In fact, Sufis are frequent targets of al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists, as this post in the right-wing Weekly Standard illustrates.  Story is located here

Video of protests for and against Center being located next to Off Track Betting and Strip Club.  Video is located here

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