911 First Responder dying due to lack of decent insurance plan


FOX VIDEO:  911 First Responder dying due to lack of decent health insurance plan

This should disgust everyone who sees this video.  This is a 9-11 first responder who does not have a health care plan that actually covers his bills.  This is an animalistic practice that is so common in the US.  How does this man have all of these ailments after trying to save lives and how does he NOT receive proper health care without going bankrupt?  His creditors are calling him to pay his incidental bills and medical bills and he is DYING after trying to save people in the World Trade Center attack.  The topic of National Health Care is not discussed in this video but it is tip toed around in every word that is said in this clip.  Those that have any sense of decency hear NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN screamed with every breath that is said in this video.  This shows what people go through when the national health plan favors the STOCKHOLDER and CORPORATION as opposed to the people that are actually sick.  The state of New York apparently had a judgment against this man and they are supposed to pay this man a considerable sum of money for some reason.  But they are not paying him.  So he is not getting the proper health care he needs and is basically dying as a result.  BUT HE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO RELY ON THIS JUDGMENT JUST TO PAY HIS MEDICAL BILLS!!!!  His wife tells how creditors are calling them and how they have to beg for money just to pay for the basics of life and medical bills.  These are not wild spending people.  These are boring average Americans who tried to save the lives of other boring average Americans and this man is now dying and he is being harangued because he doesn’t have a decent health care plan.  His family will be paying his medical bills for decades…and America accepts this???  How can this be?  How blatantly and bald face murderous does the corporatist American health care system have to be before the 300,000,000 people of America rise up and demand better for this man than to allow him to die an indebted pauper embarrassed by his bills and creditors after he tried to save people’s lives himself as a hero?  Not only he deserves this but everyone in America deserves this just like every other non animalistic developed nation in the world ALREADY HAS.  If you remember the interview that Mike Wallace had with the Iranian President Ahmadinejad you would see the Iranian President laugh at Mike Wallace as they discuss the fact that America does not have a national health care plan but every other nation DOES.  So you tell me now how America is #1 when things like this are ALLOWED to happen and we ALLOW people to DIE because we simply put health care at the bottom of our priority list.  And you tell me when America will be ready to stop this practice that kills people.
Please Google AMERICA HEALTH CARE CRISIS for disturbing details on the 50,000,000 people in the US who have no health insurance plan at all and how the rest of us not only pay more than we should for them due to a lack of a plan but those people die needlessly as a result.

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