Clarity comes with listening to people.

So when you listen to someone talk there is a meter in your head.  This meter is something that everyone has.  The meter is judging what the person is saying and the meter then reports back to you.  Often times the meter reports that the person is correct and they are making a persuasive argument as to what is happening and possibly what should be done.  Other times the meter reports back to you that the person is completely lost.  The person does not have command of the facts nor do they have command of the situation that is in front of their face.  Often times listening to people, even the latter, is a good thing because what that does is to clarify in your mind what the issue is and what should be done about a situation.  If you are interested in hearing someone who has no grasp of what is actually happening in reality nor what should be done about it check this out.  This guy is like Colbert but I think he is trying to tell the truth whereas Colbert is a master of satire in using words to say one thing however the context of those words makes the listener hear another.  So the fact that that guy is trying to actually say what he is thinking is quite scary. 

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