DemocracyNow featured excerpts from Michael Moore’s latest movie “Sicko”.

DemocracyNow featured excerpts from Michael Moore’s latest movie “Sicko”. 
Here is the official website for the movie
Here is the movie’s YouTube page with more personal comments on health insurance.  “Sicko” is due to be released on 6/29/07. 



Ahead of “Sicko” Release, Michael Moore Brings Health Care Campaign to California State Assembly

Michael Moore’s campaign to overhaul the nation’s health care industry has officially begun. On Tuesday, the Academy Award winning filmmaker joined 1,000 members of the California Nurses Association in a rally outside the California State House to secure guaranteed health care for all in this country. Moore also testified at an unofficial legislative briefing inside the State House. The organizing coincides with the upcoming release of “Sicko”, Moore’s new documentary on the nation’s health care system.


“Sicko” Interviewees Tell Harrowing First-Hand Stories of U.S. Health Care Failures

As Michael Moore called for legal action against health insurance executives, lawmakers also heard testimony from several people featured in “Sicko.” Dawnelle Keys talked about how her 18-month-old daughter died after being denied treatment at a hospital. Andy Bales of the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles testified about how hospitals dump patients on Skid Row. And Dr. Linda Peeno spoke about her work as a medical reviewer for the health insurer Humana. She says she denied one patient a life-saving operation to protect company profits.



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