Math class bringing awareness of social injustice

I never saw math like this but if I did maybe I wouldn’t have hated it so much. 

Pick a social issue and you will get a math lesson.  Your homework is here

Radical Math Teachers are educators who work to integrate issues of political, economic, and social justice into our math classes, and we seek to inspire and support other educators to do the same.

We are committed to making sure our classrooms are places that are nurturing for all students, that celebrate different cultures, histories, and styles of learning, and that reflect the just societies we are hoping to bring about through our own lives and teaching practices.

We encourage our students to ask the question: “What are the problems that my community is facing, and how can I use math to understand and help solve them?”

We seek to foster a love of mathematics in our students and to ensure they become mathematically literate.   We also prepare our students for math-based college majors and careers.

We believe that it is possible to teach math from a social justice perspective and at the same time cover state and national standards, prepare students for standardized tests (which we don’t necessarily support), and allow for the exploration of mathematical ideas on abstract, theoretical, experimental and artistic levels.

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