The PBS debate was the first good debate

Oh My!  What a breath of fresh air.  FOX tried to spice up their debates with a lot more interaction with the moderator to which CNN topped that by having Wolf Blitzer speak more than any other candidate.  Both just turned into an unfair and unequal farce of what a debate should be.  PBS had a debate tonight allowing equal time and the candidates speaking in an orderly manner and none diminished by lack of exposure as happened grossly in both previous debates.  No candidate was squeezed out by the ego of a moderator or the focusing on the star candidates. will host the replay of the debate video that must be seen.  I see the Republicans will have a debate hosted by the same group September 27th.  Considering the topic of inequality (highlighted by today’s Supreme Court rulings rolling back the Brown v Board of Education decision which is the basis for Civil Rights coming to schools across America) was the common thread of all questions it will be interesting to see how Republicans will spin the answer to the question of how the Bush Tax Break that helped the top 2% benefits the poor or perhaps how 50,000,000 without insurance cannot lead to Universal Health Care for all.  The substance of the debate showed the Democratic vision of what to do with social programs and help people that need help and the lack of such vision the Republicans have.  Not that there was anything truly surprising said but it was the form of the debate that was interesting.  Of course everyone had their answers down and no one was caught off guard and I believe it just highlighted the fact that the Democrats have a stable of solid candidates with great ideas and there are no losers in the batch.  Again, hosts the video replay of the Democratic debate beginning in the morning of 6/29/07.  It is must see for politicos.

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