Pro Life people…they love people…people who love people!

Pro Life…but perhaps not all life just some life.  Story is here

And by the way…shouldn’t Universal Health Care be a part of a Pro Life stance?  How is Universal Health Care contrary to the Pro Life agenda?  How come the candidates against abortion call themselves Pro Life.  It seems that all candidates that are against Universal Health Care call  themselves Pro Life and the people that would allow abortions are for Universal Health Care but they are not Pro Life?  Wouldn’t a livable wage be a part of a Pro Life stance?  Having enough money to buy food and pay for very expensive health care that is not provided by an employer is not Pro Life?  Shouldn’t Pro Life people be anti war?  It is interesting that the people that were most pro war call themselves Pro Life as well.  Would Pro Life people be FOR the investigating of what the miracle of Embryonic Stem Cells can hold?  Stem Cells are blobs of cells that are headed to the trash dump…literally…so why not hand them over to science and see what they can do with them as opposed to throwing them in a dumpster so that life can be preserved…but Pro Life people are generally against this research on soon to be trash. 

It seems those that are Pro Life are not very Pro Life after all! 

Very confusing!  Political stances here

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