The happiest countries have the lowest rates of religiosity

What do you think happens when you compare these same countries to a chart showing the amount of religious people in these areas? Surprise, surprise… the top four happiest countries on earth have some of the smallest populations of religious people… between 31% and 34%. You decide for yourself what that means. Switzerland placed seventh and Belgium placed tenth on the happiness scale and both have less than half of their population claiming any kind of religion (48% and 43% respectively).

The United States placed #12 on the list. We have around 15% of the population claiming no religion or atheist. When we look at our Happiest Cities, some interesting things jump out. California came in with cities at #5 (Santa Rosa), #6 (Santa Barbara), and #10 (Ventura). California is around 21% atheist or non-religious. The #1 city on the list? Boulder, Colorado. And, as a state, Colorado boasts a very high 25% non-religious group. So, while unemployment remains a problem across the entire United States, we find our happiest cities dotted across states with a high number of non-religious people. Interesting.

Conclusion – Again, we can’t be certain if these connections are causation or simply correlation. But, even if they are just a correlation, it’s still intriguing to think that so many happy places to live can exist on this earth where such a big % of people don’t rely on god to get their happiness. This should make Christians look at life, morals, happiness, and joy in a different way.

When I first came out as an atheist, I had an employee that asked me, “If you don’t believe in god, or heaven, why do you get up everyday?” What I told him then still rings true today. I responded, “The answer to the question shouldn’t be what concerns you. The fact that the answer isn’t ‘God’ is what’s important.” Tens of millions of us worldwide are “good without god” and that group is growing everyday. I, for one, am happy to be part of it.

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