Several parks in #Occupy are being shut down. I say this is the best gift the #Occupy supporters could be given.


As I watch the Occupy movement I see it populated by people in a park…. surrounded by other Occupy supporters…being watched by people who may or may not have an inkling as to what they are doing.   I cannot help but think that with the cold weather coming and the act of being expelled from those park encampments by police the Occupy groups are going to have to now move onto a different phase in bringing their message to the masses.  When you bring a new concept or idea to people there needs to be a time of introduction to the already converted public or the First Adopters.  This is the purpose that the park demonstration have  served over the past 2 months.  It is a time of saying, “We are here and this is what we are” but the reaching out to the public has truly yet to happen.  It is now time for the Occupy movement to move to the next phase in moving out of the park and into the lives of average people and this is where the true leverage of Occupy will be found. 

Parks across the nation have often seen over 1,000 Occupiers taking part.  There are many many more people that have been coming and going as their time and life permit but let’s go with 1,000 for now and lets put it over a big city.  Imagine if those people were placed on street corners in groups of 5 or so.  Imagine them creating their group of 5 and coming up with a few signs and a very clear 30 second “sermon” they could announce to passersby.  When you realize that those 1,000 people could cover 200 blocks of the city you realize the power in getting the movement out of parks.  What if those groups of 5 were to have a coordinated schedule of Occupying a certain block at a certain time….so one group covers the block from 8am to 10 am…another from 10am to 2pm…and another from 3pm to 6:30pm as people going home are walking by.  Or simply get an ad-hoc group together and find a corner that is empty…bring the signs and begin the sermons.  Another possibility would be to canvas neighborhoods just like mainstream political groups do.  This is far more informative and hopefully far more efficient in bringing the message to the masses who do not know the message but are affected by it.  The park means nothing…it is the educating of the masses that will turn this into a strong force and this has to be done with one-on-one education and getting around the mainstream media who is generally driven by corporate concerns as opposed to helping people.  We saw this with the Civil Rights movement in the 50s and 60s.  It wasn’t where the protesters were located it was the educating of the nation through TV and the media and personal stories that turned the tide.  The masses were educated as to the savagery going on and they demanded a stop to it.  This Occupy movement will see the same with the masses understanding that they are being robbed as the top 1% rakes in bushel baskets of cash only once that education process is begun.

Which has more power?  Sitting in one park or getting out and Occupying AN ENTIRE MAJOR CITY at every corner.  Which do you think would be far more informative to people who lack that information?  Which action do you think would come in contact with more people on a more personal level?  How better can you get a message out with the lowest cost?  The park was only the jumping off point…now we educate people face to face.


People are interested in what affects them.  There is a reason why women who are being raped are instructed to yell “FIRE” as opposed to “RAPE”.  A fire could quite possibly affect me…and you…but a rape has an effect on the victim alone and instructs people around that location to leave as nothing else will happen to them.  This is a basic in human psychology and getting a message out.   Your message has no relation to me….I don’t see it affecting me so I shut it out.   This is why the concepts of Occupy need to begin with how this affects YOU…the recipient of the message.  I was with a group recently marching to bring the message of the 99ers to the public.  One of the chants was “We are the 99%”.  This made sense to me and the group but to people who are ill-informed it carried no weight.  The 99%?  They are?  They are what?  Why do I care?  I am not them so they are wastin their time!  After a minute of this chant I began to put myself in the shoes of those people seeing our group and decided the bystanders did not know what we were saying.  So with my very loud voice I began to chant “YOU are the 99%”.  As we walked by a very crowded restaurant the people seated were greeted by our group of 275 telling them that THEY were part of the 99%.  Who cares if WE are but if YOU are…well that is important to YOU so YOU care.   So the next questionin the message is…what is the 99%?  What did those restaurant people think when we told them they were part of the 99%?  Most thought nothing as nothing was said to them.  They were blah blah blah.   It was like talking Spanish to an English speaking group.  Nothing is said without setting a definition of the words being used.  Another group of which I was a part had other signs that varied from TAX THE RICH to PROTECT THE MIDDLE CLASS and more.  If those signs were turned to the recipient of the message as opposed to the sender of the mesage perhaps a message could be received.  It seems to me the message is one aimed at insiders and is not inclusive.  Snappy clever phrases only amuse the authors of those witty one liners.  If you want to educate someone you tell them directly how they are affected and why. 

Currently the message is not being spread far and wide it is being spread in a park to those already part of the movement.  To fix this the Occupy group needs to leave the parks and take to the street corners and educate people in a one on one manner.  The Occupy groups need to go door to door with informative flyers to hand out and a website that provides more details as to how this movement DIRECLTY affects them.  YOU are the 99% and YOU are getting robbed and here is EXACTLY HOW IT IS HAPPENING and by how much.  Join us and make it stop for your sake and the sake of our children and the future.  Here is a flyer…JOIN US NOW…RIGHT NOW for an hour or so of walking to help spread the word.  If not here is a flyer with our website where you can see future protests and ways to donate.  Please join us the next time.  We will keep fighting for YOU until YOU fight for YOU.

WE are the 99%.  YOU are the 99%.  Here is why.

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