John Hinkley Jr. was the son of an oilman who was mad that tax breaks for oil companies was going to be stopped…by….Reagan

So…..Reagan would not have been approved by this Grover Norquist Republican party at all as he was removing this tax break.

Candidate Ronald Reagan was opposed to tax breaks for the oil companies and this pissed off Texas oilmen such as John Hinckley, Sr., as well as a friend of his who was running against Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush. John Hinckley, Sr., worked hard rounding up other Texas oilmen to get behind the Bush campaign and defeat Reagan.

Hinckley and Bush may have discussed the topic, maybe not, when they and their spouses dined together, which they did on numerous occasions. If so, the anti-Reagan diatribes would have been pretty heated, because guys in Hinckley’s business at Hinckley’s level aren’t known for holding back. The abuse they unleashed in their own homes and clubs against Ronald Reagan, as the Hollywood cowboy swept through the primaries, must have made Reagan’s ears burn.

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