So the Sunday trip started out with us deciding to go to see the crop circles.  I was a bit more intrigued with them than Megan, she thought it was goofy, but soon saw the error in her way when she realized a trip to the Napa Valley was part of the deal.  So we headed to Rockville, which was an hour away from San Francisco.  The formation was located across from a small church parking lot across a busy country street.  We pulled into the lot and took a lazy minute or two to get out of the car.  No sooner had I gotten out of the car and stretched than BOOM, a crash happened, with one van pulling into the lot hitting an SUV about 20 feet away from us.  The driver of the white van was totally at fault by driving across traffic without yielding to the oncoming vehicle.  So this was our initiation to the power of the crop circles.  Crop circles almost killed us, do not deny their power, or the power of a tinfoil hat wearing goofball.

I do not deny the power of Crop Circles