So the Libby saga bean on October 1, 2003.  We searched and searched for a dog for Megan's Mom.  She thought she wanted a dog but the work she would have to put into a dog was a bit much for her.  So instead of playing with a dog vicariously through her mom, we decided to get a dog for ourselves.  After searching every Animal Control office from Santa Clara to Clear Lake we found her at the Hayward SPCA office.  Libby was really spastic when we first met her.  She was not interested in us in the least, but she was extremely interested in the worker who she obviously knew well.  When he was gone Libby looked out the window of the door for him and ignored us.  She sparked a place in Megan's heart and we went back to see her again.  The second meeting we took her outside and into the back garage of the SPCA when she started to really pay attention to us and she showed her true colors.  I took a few pictures of her with my cell phone and posted them to my cell phone's web site .  Below are a few cute pictures of Libby.

Libby is driven home

Libby arrives

Libby shake

Libby outside for the first time

More images from my cell phone

Movie of Libby shaking her poor little lamb toy.  This toy actually lasted a lot longer than other toys we've gotten her, despite it being a wimpy looking toy

The sump pump brings excitement to the winter doldrums. (4 meg download)

Libby's buddy Gracie is a sweetheart and here is a directory filled with pictures and movies of them playing and looking cute




Since we live in the Glen Park area of San Francisco, Glen Park is our daily walk of choice.  The path goes back into the hilly rocky area that has "secretly" become a dog off leash area.  There are quite a few fun dogs that Libby plays with every day.
Libby is a mix of some sort.  She was deemed a Staffordshire Terrier mix at the Hayward SPCA when we originally met her.  She's a really muscular dog with a very sweet temperament towards every person and every dog she meets.  For dogs she pretty much gives back what she is given.  If the other dog is playing rough she will follow along and if the dog is very gentile, then she is as well. 
The park is a great place.  There is a path that has plenty of room to be a dog.  The right side of the path is a big hill that goes up about 80-90 feet or so.  At the end of the path there is a big rocky hill to climb up and see the domain below.  People usually stroll while the doggies play.  It is amazing to escape the city completely and find this wooded setting that leaves you thinking you are not in San Francisco but in a small town in rural America.
Here is one of the fields that Libby plays in almost every day after work.  This is the Glenn Park Recreation Center back field. 
Libby is large and in charge.