So the trip to see the crop circles was a hoot.  July 12,2003 had us drive to the small town of Rockville, California, where the largest display to date of crop circles the United States had ever seen, mysteriously appeared.  Suddenly the media was rabid with questions about where these crop circles could have come from.  A group of teenagers from Vacaville were said to be running around describing how they created the circles on a boring summer night.  They said there was not a lot to do in Vacaville, and it seems they knew what they were talking about.  The ironic thing was that neither the media nor the locals listened to them.  It took the parents of the goofy kids and the kids themselves really trying to sell the fact that they created the circles as opposed to people from another plane of existence boring holes in a poor farmer's NorCal field.  By then, people wishing for their dog's arthritis to be relieved and their bunions to be reduced had invaded the farmer's field, looking for the answer to their life issues.  So go with us now and enjoy the tinfoil hat wearing display that is  "Our Trip to the Other Plane of Reality", or a wheat field in Rockville, you decide.


Joe V.S. The Wheat